Kidrobot x Nickelodeon Many Faces of Spongebob CASE LAYOUT

Here is a case layout of Kidrobot's new Many Faces of Spongebob. Your results may vary, but if you're buying retail, I would avoid buying any blind boxes that are adjacent to each other! Idiot Box may be 1/24. I did not get the Caveman. The sheet on Scaredy Pants is removable, and the front of Spongebob is blank, which would be great for customizers. Bottom layer for me was all 2/24 and 3/24.

May 18, 2003. Sunday

452pm Taos Ski Valley, NM
I should've known that after such a great day yesterday that the other shoe would fall and that the entire weekend couldn’t be so wonderful.
Yesterday started slow and non-eventful as we toured the Plaza--cheaper, smaller version of Santa Fe. There were some art galleries, but only a handful of bw pics, but more than a fair share of tourist shops. We left the plaza, went across the street to the Animal Fair. There were some great looking rescue dogs. Across the street was a door shop--but these verged on antique doors, in various styles, made to be more like gates to SW homes' courtyards. I found some good pictures (10) and expensive doors (~$4000). I'm hoping for 1-2 shots to come out. (Dunbar & Dunbar Antiques)

Meanwhile, Jess and Ryan went further up the street and we finished our separate excursions at the same time. They found a place that sold records and I bought a Simon and Garfunkel LP.
(since my condo's amenities include wood-panel …

May 16, 2003. Friday

135am Taos Ski Valley, NM
Plans are as final as they can get for Nielsen: I drive to Tally Wed --> Friday, do the wedding, go to Atlanta for a week, back home to Tarpon fish, then head to Tulsa for its end-of-June deadline. Then, hopefully ALL works out to take off for July and hit the river. I'm torn. I want to stay at Agape, help out, and get food; but the more I talk to Jenna Bales Walker and think, I may've missed out on the Entire guide experience by not living there. Of course, I can see myself getting into all sorts of trouble if I stayed at OAR
We went Into Town tonight to the Alley Cantina to see the John Carny Blues Band. Secondary, hoped for, and realized, other reason was to meet Taryn there, the Gen Mgr from Hampton. I was glad to have Jess & Ryan there to help coach and encourage me. The start was rocky, but I think I ended well. At the very least, I got to talk to a really pretty brunette I didn't know before and got 2 hiking suggestions from her and h…

May 13, 2003. Tuesday. Taos NM

1043pm Taos, NM
I am irked. When I checked into the Hampton Inn here, it seems that a woman came in around 430 and cancelled my reservation. She had my confirmation number and last name. I would really like to meet this person and find out what the blazes is going on. I can think of no logical explanation. Hopefully this won't keep me up at night and will either solve itself or be a one-time fluke happening. I've been perturbed all night. 3 things have helped: Simpsons, great Mexican food at Taosnos (?) and the cute girl who checked me in, even though she left and I didn't ask her out for a drink. Maybe I'll be here one more night before Jess and Ryan find a condo here so they can have a kitchen.
All the work here will suck and its either on Reservations or 10 surveys in a small overlapping area. Not fun times, though 1/2 can be done from Santa Fe instead of her and SF was OK. Maybe I can pick up my Ansel Adams print there.

Everclear was an average show--it took them …

May 5, 2003. Monday

921pm Denver, CO
Cinco de Mayo
Things have been busy, but lazy--last week I had to take a 2 hour deficit just to reach 40 hours!

On my trip out West, after leaving Knoxville, I stopped for way too long in Nashville, running around with Lisa Draht, who was really fun AND really hot. Guys everywhere we went turned around and looked and prob asked 'What's that tool doing with a girl like that?'

I stayed way too long with her and didn't arrive in OK city until 1AM. Betsy Smith and Karla were waiting for me at the hotel and we went to IHOP for way too long but I felt like I owed it to her for being so late. Things turned out well---John Kulans had called late that night, surprised to find me on the road, but told me to hold in OK City until they sorted out where I was to go. That phone call came after I had already told Betsy 'bye' and checked out of my hotel. I found out I was coming to Denver and since the work wouldn't be there, to spend a day in OK City which …

2015 Ford Fusion Replacement Rear Deck Subwoofers

I bought a used 2015 Ford Fusion Titanium earlier this summer and didn't realize one of my rear subs was blown until after purchase. The Sony replacement through my Ford dealer was $80 for ONE, which seemed a little high. I scoured the internet for hours trying to find an affordable/better replacement, which is harder than you think since the original Sony speakers (BG1T-18971-CA) are 2.3 ohms (30w). Evidently, 2ohm subwoofers are a rarity. I called a couple audio shops in town and they had never even heard of them! I also did not want to replace true subs with a 3 way speaker.

Finally after hitting several forums, I found CDT Audio ( having the 6x9 2 ohm subwoofers I needed! I emailed and called to make sure I was getting the right stuff, and ordered a pair of official refurbished CL-69Sub/CF for $100 (and cheap shipping!)

I got in my trunk and looked to see if replacing them myself was in my …

Bumblebee Buzz-Off Man Custom

Mash up of MOTU Buzz-Off and World of Simpsons Bumblebee Man

Ay yi! No me gusta!