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Exploring Rhode Island

Last night on our way to Picasso's Pizza, we took a minor detour to the TAPS office on West Shore Rd. It is even more unassuming than the pick-up shots in the show, though there are several ominous looking black vans and SUVs in the parking lot with the large yellow TAPS logo. The office-front is blacked out with the same lettering. Taped to the door was a note: "TAPS appreciates all their fans, however this is a working office..." So no tour, no gift shop, no meet-and-greet, but it was cool just to be there. Next excursion we'll take the camera and get a photo out in front...

Picasso's was excellent, despite the location. It is definitely a dive and I'm glad we ordered carry-out instead of eating in, since its more of a pool hall/bar than a pizza joint. But the food was excellent! Based on a prior review, we tried the Hot Honey Wings and they were amazing. I think we could've been satisfied with wings only if we had ordered more. There was a goo…

Our Day on the Cape

Drove up to Provincetown, MA yesterday to explore Cape Cod. Provincetown is not for the closed-minded, full of its own culture, home of artists and bohemians. And not a chain- or big box store in sight on Commercial St! Despite walking nearly the entire length of the main drag, we didn't fill up the car with purchases, and we passed on some good stuff including a dog bed that attaches to the back seat of a car (at The Recycled Retriever) and a funky white stool. Instead we kept things low-key. At Yesterday's Treasures, I picked up Iron Man: Enter: The Mandarin #1, the entire X-Men Phoenix Warsong run, and X-Men Phoenix Endsong (with Variant cover for #4).

Over at Map, a cool punk-rock store, LA found a Rogues Gallery "Salem" recovered vintage T-shirt and a button for her jacket.

At Century, a home/personal design store, I got a sophistimicated bottle opener by Blomus, upgrading from the FSU fight song opener at home. We also bought our first alarm clock, the Jet Clo…

Long Days

It seems like so long ago that we were in our little condo on the beach...yesterday we started in FL and drove through GA, SC, NC, and stayed the night in Richmond VA. Today we went from VA to DC to MD to NJ to NY to CT to RI. Traffic in DC was bearable, but upon crossing the George Washington Bridge into NYC, we had backups and stop-and-go until well to Bridgeport, CT.

We are off the road now, home in a Residence Inn south of Providence in Warwick, which happens to be the home of our favorite Wed night TV program, Ghost Hunters. We are hoping to drop by the TAPS office (4.2 miles from our hotel) and find.....a gift shop? photo opportunity? Who knows.

We're here and always looking for fun stuff to do. Any ideas?

Job Leads

Good thing I am off work this week...I took my ROSA test (passed) and RepEvaluator for a Revenue Officer position with the IRS. I have to wait up to 30 days to find out my score, then I might get a phone call. Keep your fingers crossed.

Friday I'm taking the supervisor test for Assistant Manager of Quality Control for the Pueblo office of the US Census. If I get either job, it means a commute (no complaining, just a statement of fact). I wouldn't turn my nose at the AMQA job, but its only a year assignment and hourly. I think I'd be much better suited for a job with the IRS, and its field-based (perfect for me). We'll see how the cards are dealt.


A current desk inventory:

Sony VGN-FE670G Laptop
Seagate FreeAgent Go portable 500gb hard drive
empty Honey Moon Summer Ale bottle
Black Nintendo DS Lite (game: Final Fantasy IV)
Sony headphones with mini-plug adapter (in ziploc)
Creative headphones & Verizon music USB adapter (in ziploc)
blue Glade Candle
black LG Chocolate phone
pen (black ink)
2008 corporate income tax returns folder
Aliens/Predator Free Comic
a few grams of beach sand

Whirlwind in St Augustine

What a whirlwind in St Augustine yesterday with Trav and his girl Joy! We started at a cemetery, walked St George St, shopped some on St George--and kicked myself...there's a Columbia down in St Augustine! If I had known that, we would've skipped Cruisers for lunch and gotten some nice Spanish food, Cuban bread, and hand-made Sangria! Cutter and Cutter Fine Art had some great Seuss pieces, including the full size Yertle the Turtle bronze, while at another gallery, we saw an original printing of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's "Divan Japonaise" complete with French fold for only $95,000. Toured the Castillo de San Marcos, ate blizzards at Dairy Queen, and closed down the outlet malls (found some good purchases at Banana Republic, Gap, Guess, and American Apparel), and got home around 10pm. Was that too late for more? Nope. Ate The Best calzone over at Al's Pizza before finally calling it a night. It was a good day.