Our Day on the Cape

Drove up to Provincetown, MA yesterday to explore Cape Cod. Provincetown is not for the closed-minded, full of its own culture, home of artists and bohemians. And not a chain- or big box store in sight on Commercial St! Despite walking nearly the entire length of the main drag, we didn't fill up the car with purchases, and we passed on some good stuff including a dog bed that attaches to the back seat of a car (at The Recycled Retriever) and a funky white stool. Instead we kept things low-key. At Yesterday's Treasures, I picked up Iron Man: Enter: The Mandarin #1, the entire X-Men Phoenix Warsong run, and X-Men Phoenix Endsong (with Variant cover for #4).

Over at Map, a cool punk-rock store, LA found a Rogues Gallery "Salem" recovered vintage T-shirt and a button for her jacket.

At Century, a home/personal design store, I got a sophistimicated bottle opener by Blomus, upgrading from the FSU fight song opener at home. We also bought our first alarm clock, the Jet Clock Radio from Lexon and designed by Theo Williams. Can you believe we've never had a good alarm clock? For the longest time we've been using our phones, but there's only a 5-minute snooze. This doesn't sound like a big deal versus the normal 9-minute, but it makes a huge difference! Trust me!

Over at Yates Kennedy, we didn't get anything for us, but did get a good gift for a certain 5 year anniversary coming up.

After nearly wearing ourselves out on Commercial, we drove through the Town Cemetery and wound up on Cape Cod National Seashore at Herring Cove Beach.

Thoroughly famished by then, and nearly 8pm, we ate dinner at Moby Dick's Restaurant in Wellfleet for some great lobster! I don't know how you could screw up lobster--I got 1 1/4 lbs for $21 with a side of steamers ($5). Turns out, I don't really like steamed clams as much as I thought. I mean I love oysters, but the clams didn't do it for me. Should've skipped them, but my lobster was delicious. LA got the lobster bisque--very creamy--and lobster roll. Both were excellent, but I don't know if we'd go back there again versus find another seafood place. If we find a great place, we stick with it: we counted 6 times at The Fish Company in Jacksonville.

We had another whirlwind day today, but stayed local in Providence. No one told us it was Brown's graduation, and finding parking took forever, but we had a great time none-the-less.
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