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Jimmy Buffett Quote

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Well, I'm still here. Didn't have to go to rehab, and I'm not broke -- Jimmy Buffett

Custom Bronze Kidrobot Homer Simpson 8"

Kidrobot recently had a store-wide sale, and I picked up the Silver Homer Simpson Buddha. I already had the normal color version, and wanted to do something special with the silver:

So I decided to go with a tradition bronze. I did a gray primer, then used Modern Masters Metal Effects Bronze Paint and then finished with the Black Patina. I went a little overboard with the Patina:

So I put another coat of Bronze Paint on it, and little-to-no Black Patina Aging Solution and it came out great!

Hacked IKEA Lack Side Table into Lego Minifigure Display Wall Art

This is a commission for a friend, for her son's Christmas present.

I started with IKEA's Lack Side Table in High Gloss White ($12.99 plus tax)

I bought 46 White Lego Bricks, 2 x 4 (part 3001) from for $.195 each ($8.78 plus shipping)

For the spacing, I came in 1/2" from the side, and used 4" spacing from the left side of each brick. The bottom of the bricks on the top row are 3" below the top of the Lack, and I used the same vertical spacing. This gives me 42 "shelves" to display Lego Minifigs. (I bought extra bricks in case of a mixup with the epoxy--which I did have!).

I used a level and painters tape to make sure my lines were straight, and I made marks on the painters tape to indicate where the bricks would line up

I used JB Weld 2 Part Epoxy to affix the bricks to the table top. I placed the bricks quickly, and pulled up the tape as I went, so I didn't have any blue painters tape permanently affixed to the table top.
I haven'…

Identify the Following: Colorado Amendment 67 Personhood Initiative

Please identify the following:

Top: Crop Circle
2nd: Single Plant Cell
3rd: Mars Surface Bottom: Person

That's right, if Colorado Amendment 67 (2014)--the Personhood Initiaive-- passes, a 'person' is defined from the moment of conception, granting that fertilized egg constitutional rights. Ridiculous. The right to bear arms? Freedom of speech? What about a life insurance policy and collecting benefits in the event of a miscarriage? And in the event of a miscarriage, should a death certificate be signed (even without a birth certificate)? HOV lanes? If the mother smokes/drinks is that a crime against a minor? Unbelievable.

The Gourmet by Henry Slesar

The Gourmet by Henry Slesar Published in Playboy, May 1968 Illustration by Peter Green Eldridge Pachman tested the popular conviction that large blue quantities of sky, sea and silence can heal and soothe a troubled mind. This notion proved false. He spent the first week of his vacation in Greece, in a small white Aegean hotel that lay stunned and bleaching in the sunlight, and he discovered in himself an incipient agoraphobia, the terror of open spaces. He spent most of the week in his room, where he could lie on the bed and ruminate on his divorce, on the wife who was now spending his money, the children who were so oddly indifferent to the sea change in their lives. Then he went to a Balearic Island, where the white buildings were at least splashed with scarlet and purple foliage and where the coastal cliffs were penetrated by peaceful inlets with sandy beaches surrounded by pine. But he was no happier there. Luckily, he saw the colonel one day, and that was exactly what his brain need…

Sunday August 10, 2003

A journal entry dated Sunday Aug 10, 2003: "Ty Kays came back a week ago--he, Jimmie Price, and I drove to the Pigeon River to see Sarah Blair Kelly. Ty and I took funyaks down the Lower; Jimmie got a trip down the same Class II-III at the ending. Relatively boring except Ty and I were able to catch up and do some surfing in our funyaks.

Afterward we took a boat down the Upper with Sarah and Amanda. The rapids were IVs but not because of their size or technicality. IV for a dangerous swim, but if you simply put the boat downstream and followed the current, there wouldn't be a problem.

We drove to Gatlinburg, waited and waited, and finally got to eat our 22oz Porterhouse steaks. Jimmie ate everything but the bones--fat and all. Ugh.

We didn't get in until late late and it was good thing to swtich cars in Maryville since Ty and I were discussing 2 motorcycles from Sunday night."

Matt Taylor Artwork for Wired Magazine

Gannon (Legend of Zelda) by Matt Taylor
King Koopa (Super Mario Bros) by Matt Taylor

Martha Stewart Collecting

PDF of Martha Stewart: Collecting: Opening Ceremony (Corkscrews and Bottle Openers). Text by Celia Barbour and photos by Johnny Miller