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So it only took 3 or 4 returns, but my new home theater is up and running. First, the mount was the wrong size, and the digital optical cable was too short. Then, and this one's the worst, the Sony BDP-570 Blu Ray player we got has a known technical issue involving Netflix. So that had to go back to Best Buy too. I picked up the LG 570 and am hoping it corrects the situation. Netflix had a buffering issue which made watching even TV shows impossible. No, it wasnt my internet connection. The Wii works just fine, but the quality coming out of the blu ray is so much better. I had to teach customer service at Best Buy how to do the exchange, but other than that, it all went off without a hitch. Here's to happy streaming!

Jeff Lewis on Simpsons Stamps

KidRobot Dunny 2 Tone Case Layout

LA and I had a good time opening our case of the new Dunny Series, Two Tone. Here's our case layout. Note that the 2/16s were in very close proximity

Overman USA White Leather Lounge Chair

Love the Mad Men style? Check out our newest Mid Century Modern item: a white leather lounge chair from Overman USA

The white leather is in wonderful condition. This chair not only would look fantastic in any room, it is also very comfortable, complete with lever which allows you to recline

Overman originally produced pieces in Sweden and Germany before moving production to Tennessee--Made in the USA

Kelsey Grammer and Sgt Bric

After watching Star Wars Clone Wars Season 3 "Clone Cadet" I knew I had seen Sgt Bric on Fraiser?

2010 Golden Ticket Dunny = Boring

Really KidRobot? This is the best you can do for a Golden Ticket Dunny? Its definitely no Coralie/Supakitch. What's next for the condiment series? Salt and Pepper? BBQ sauce?
This set should've been packaged together in a neat little wire condiment carrier, put in a window box set with picnic-inspired checkboard graphics and sold for $60.

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R3-T7 Custom USB

Here is my custom R3-T7 Astromech USB. 1GB of flash memory. Dome glows bright red when in use.
Available for sale at my Etsy Shop

Custom Astromech USB

Here's my vintage R5-D4 (no bad motivator!) 4GB USB Flash drive. Fiber optics make his eyes glow a faint green.

GI Joe SNAKE Repaint

I think I tried to do too much with this. I wanted something in pop culture colors, but then went with real-world weathering/rust effects. I still don't know what to do with the attachments. I'm not digging the gold color. My next one will be purely one color with decals. Maybe bright green.