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No Swine Flu in Jacksonville

Even though LA is coughing, has a runny nose, and is generally tired, we are ruling out Swine Flu for the following reasons: no contact with anyone who's recently been to Mexico, no cases in Florida, no fever. We are suspecting allergies which turned into a sinus infection, which moved to her lungs. Claritin-D, for all its wonders, makes her a little fuzzy, so we're switching to Mucinex and naps.

We had a wonderful weekend with Dad and Jenny, doing a lot of eating and relaxing. Anytime we eat 2 consecutive meals at a place, you know its good! The Fish Company on Atlantic is one such place, with options from sandwiches, to grilled fish, to fried entrees. Good happy hour specials (New Castle on tap), though the desserts are average.

Another good find, much more of a dive, is the Beach Hut Cafe, where we fought for a table as late as 1030. Busy and a little understaffed, our food came out quickly and hot. Biscuits and gravy all around! Its hard to screw up diner-style break…

Terror Memos

I think its deplorable that the terror memos go so high up in the last administration, from the CIA seeking to get approval to the Justice Dept which wrote the memos to the Executive Office which clearly had a hand it their justification.

I also do not condone torture.

Those pieces said, I accept the fact that our country has done things in our past that have made us safer, which may or may not have been lawful or ethical. Torture, assassinations, cover-ups, etc. I'm no conspiracist, but I'm not naive either. I just think our public figures should have no hand in it, and some things are better left unknown.

Its like Batman: some things that go bump in the night keep us safe, but we shouldn't shine a flashlight on it.

beach trip

Being 2 blocks from the beach is not lost on us. We went for a run on the beach after work and then took the dogs down for a long walk. Tonight's trip at low tide yielded 6 pieces of sea glass (including light blue), we found 1 dead and 1 live soft shell crabs, a sea urchin, and a large fiddler crab which Maddie wanted to chase. All-in-all, a successful trip!

Come see us in Florida

3 days in the car. Spent the night in Lawrence and outside of Nashville. Finally made it to Atlantic Beach. Here's links to the place we're staying:

We are literally 2 blocks from the beach. Star Bucks is right across the street. Walking distance to half a dozen restaurants. Great locale and LA is the one who found it! Considering moving here.

Tiny condo, full master bedroom with awesome bathroom (jacuzzi tub!). Tiny 2nd bedroom with pull-out couch and its own bathroom. Screened porch. Courtyard. This place is awesome. The beach is pet-friendly before 9am and after 5pm, so the dogs LOVE it. Come see us! Especially you Trav! It'll be hard to get motivated to work here instead of lounging on the beach all day! We've got 3 weeks of work and 4 weeks of condo, so we're already looking forward to that last week.

Onell Design Custom Corps 1

It finally arrived! Along with the Clear Orange Sarvos, they also sent a Red Aura (GID) Crayboth! Awesome work guys! Now if someone would help me out with his proper name...

UPDATE: This is #34, a Gliporian Sarvos

Onell Design Custom Corps 1

Colorado Bill 09-170

Dear Senator Morse,

Might I inquire your reasons to support Bill 09-170? I am at the moment undecided on how I feel about this Bill's defeat. I strongly support the Dream Act, but how would this bill have been affected by it? On one hand, it seems paradoxical that a benefit of "in-state residency" could be granted to an individual who is residing in America illegally. An American citizen from Kansas has to pay out-of-state tuition; why not someone who shouldn't legally be in the state? On the other hand, the more college graduates our state can produce, the better. There are numerous socio-economic reasons to promote college graduation. What are the statistics of illegal immigrants who do not attend college for the monetary differences between in-state and out-of-state tuition rates?

I have read through a your voting record on and agree with most positions you took, though I would like to ask what legislation have you sponsored or co-sponsored that you fe…

Twilight vs Let The Right One In

Well, I haven't seen Twilight, just the previews on TV and it looks pretty lame. Especially compared to "Let The Right One In" which we saw last night at Kimball's Twin Peaks downtown last night. Its a Swedish vampire love story between a bullied 12-year old boy and his new neighbor, Eli, who happens to be a vampire. First, its nice to see a vampire movie where the lead vampire is a female. When's the last time that happened? Secondly, it was very gritty and real. If Eli hadn't eaten in a while (and she has an aversion to killing) she looked pale(r) and sickly; only a few times did she look like a healthy 12 year old girl. After watching the movie, I never want to move to Sweden; it looked COLD. This was a great film, leaving plenty to figure out on your own, didn't rely heavily on special effects, and the young actors gave such a great performance it was unbelievable. This was a great thriller that got its scares by what we didn't see. Name…