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Best Cocktail in NYC

Obviously we didn't go to every bar/restaurant in NYC, but we did go to quite a few and ordered a cocktail everywhere we went. That said, LA and I both agree that we had our best cocktails in New York City at Calle Ocho on the Upper West Side. LA had the Pisco Sour: Porton Pisco, Lime, Sugar, Egg Whites. The addition of the egg whites made it quite frothy!

I had one of my top 3 Manhattan's at Calle Ocho (my favorite is Jimmy's at The Stanley Hotel). Unfortunately, I can't find their drink description online, but I know it involved an infused bourbon, which was subtle.  I hate overly-flavored or vermouth-ed Manhattan. Gets in the way of good bourbon. Who knew I'd find a great Manhattan at a Cuban restaurant?

The ribs weren't too bad either!

Camp Hero State Park, Montauk NY

Above: Trail map of Camp Hero State Park in Montauk NY

On our last weekend on Long Island, we opted to skip going to the hustle-bustle of Manhattan and instead head East, past the Hamptons, to the very end of Long Island. On our way to Camp Hero State Park we had to stop off at the original Lobster Roll for, what else, lobster rolls! We grabbed them to go and kept heading east.

A tip for all visitors: they aren't kidding about the ticks! Be sure your pet is up to date on their repellent, and I recommend human repellent too! I found several small ticks on my nether-regions, and a few chiggers made nice work of my legs too.

We parked just south of the main entrance and ate our lunch along the bluffs near Battery 216, which was a small battery, nothing notable, though the view of the Montauk Lighthouse is impressive.

We then explored the trail near Battery 113 and climbed a steep trail to get onto the roof of the battery.  There are some great photo opportunities on top of and under…