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Dear Congressman Lamborn

Dear Congressman Lamborn,

I am writing to thank you on your choice to vote "No" on the proposed bailout measure. Even though my IRAs took a 6.5% hit, I think voting down this measure secures America's future in the long run, and may punish those responsible for the current mortgage crisis.

What is the status of, and how are you voting for HR 3781--Biodiesel Promotion...Act? The reason I ask is that my wife and I drive a combined total of around 1200 miles a week in our job. We purchased a 2006 Volkswagen Golf Turbo Diesel for its superior gas mileage (up to 45mpg) and long lasting diesel engine. Sometimes it is hard to find biodiesel in the different cities we travel to. Some biodiesel is used cooking grease and we currently fill up in Colorado Springs with grape-seed from Acorn Petroleum.

In promotion of biodiesel, I think the federal gas tax should be lowered in proportion to the amount of bio products in biodiesel. If the fuel is B20 (20% bio) I think the federal f…

SOLD: Lego 6285 Black Seas Barracuda

I'm almost at the end of rebuilding my old Lego collection. Recently, the more I build, the more pieces I'm missing. That's not to say I'm running out of pieces...I have a 2 gallon ziplock full of just black and white pieces. But some pieces are becoming increasingly hard to find, due to age (this set came out in 1989) and neighborhood boys (like all my monkeys and ghosts are missing).
Last night I put together one of my last big sets, the Black Seas Barracuda, a Lego masterpiece of set building. For one, its a PIRATE set, and incredible line. And this thing is HUGE....4 section hull, 2 tall masts, 8 figures, an amazing set, but just too big to display and too nice to let sit in a cardboard box in my basement. So its up for sale over at eBay. So go take a look, and if you like it enough to want to purchase, comment on my blog and we can skip the middleman (you might even get a discount on it).

Foo Fighters - Red Rocks 9-9-08

The Foo Fighters show a few weeks back (the 2nd show) was amazing and worth the extra wait and hard work we had to endure to get there. Can you believe we bought our tickets last March? But the General Admission seats at Red Rocks Amphitheater were well worth it as well. We arrived in Morrison at 6pm when doors opened, and picked seats 7 rows up, stage right.

We sat next to some very nice people who brought an entire dinner with them to the concert, and had some leftovers to share including rotisserie chicken, french bread, 2 cheeses, and grapes. Such was the atmosphere at the show.
Dave and the boys played a humongous 2 hours and 15 minutes at one of the most gorgeous concert venues in the country with perfect weather that evening. They opened with 'our' song, Times Like These and blistered through all the hits and great tracks like All My Life, The Pretender, Let It Die, Long Road to Ruin, Cheer Up Boys (Your Make Up is Running), an incredible solo sing-along start to Everl…

A Letter to Plato's Closet

I am writing to let you know about my horrible experience in Plato's Closet, Colorado Springs on North Academy. I made a special trip to bring in desired clothing and was very put off after receiving less than acceptable service. I have been a frequent customer of this Plato's Closet, and have never really enjoyed my experience but tolerated it to clean out my closets and get a little cash. This particular visit however, left me with an arm full of clothes, frustration, and time wasted. Today, September 17th at 1005am, I came in with a small amount of items, including men's fall and winter,women's sweaters, and a formal prom dress worn only once. Upon arrival at 10:05 a.m. I was greeted with the regular, "have you sold here before?". I was asked if a 25 minute wait was acceptable, and it was since I did not have an appointment until 11am. Forty minutes later (both girls were working on one very large drop off) I let the sales girls know that it had bee…
After eating Taco Bell soft tacos for so long, one begins to forget how good tacos are supposed to be. Last night I made soft tacos (with Taco Bell seasoning), but MAN they were great! We had a full spread of fresh tomatoes, lettuce, Tapatio hot sauce, Horizon Organic sour cream, and drinks, of course! LA still likes her vodka/mineral water; Perrier makes a naturally flavored lemon sparkling water. I have recently started on Cuba Libres, a strong rum & cola, made with lime juice, and white rum.

After dinner we adjourned to the patio on a cool autumn night and smoked a nice sweet cigar, an Acid Blondie from Nicaragua. We smoked and talked, played with the dogs, & watched the cat chase bugs until it was too chilly.

Then it was dessert: halved peaches sauteed in cognac, topped with sour cream. Wow. What a dessert! And what another meal to celebrate being home!