SOLD: Lego 6285 Black Seas Barracuda

I'm almost at the end of rebuilding my old Lego collection. Recently, the more I build, the more pieces I'm missing. That's not to say I'm running out of pieces...I have a 2 gallon ziplock full of just black and white pieces. But some pieces are becoming increasingly hard to find, due to age (this set came out in 1989) and neighborhood boys (like all my monkeys and ghosts are missing).

Last night I put together one of my last big sets, the Black Seas Barracuda, a Lego masterpiece of set building. For one, its a PIRATE set, and incredible line. And this thing is HUGE....4 section hull, 2 tall masts, 8 figures, an amazing set, but just too big to display and too nice to let sit in a cardboard box in my basement. So its up for sale over at eBay. So go take a look, and if you like it enough to want to purchase, comment on my blog and we can skip the middleman (you might even get a discount on it).


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