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We've been flying through the work, getting 38 surveys done last week! We should have this first batch done early next week.
Though busy, we still walk the dogs over to the parking lot and throw their ball, work out every other day, and I've been playing Resident Evil DS. I just beat it this evening, with a miserable time of nearly 8 hours! And I let Barry die! For some reason, I didn't fight the 2nd Tyrant--maybe because I had zero health and no power ups? Who knows. So with such a dismal finish, I didn't get the rocket launcher or new outfits. If I do try to beat it in 3 hours, it'll be a while before I pick it up again.
We ate this evening at the Red Dragon House around the corner on 8th....mmmm! Much better than Los Corrals we tried earlier. The service at the Red Dragon house was very fast....our waters were refilled and our orders came out very quickly at the perfect temperature. Laura had a custom dish of Sesame Chicken over Lo Mein noodles and I enjoyed the C…

More Additions

Recently purchased: 8" Shok1 War Head Dunny with 3 Blow Up Dolls, KillFish, Postal, and Newk:
And here's a link to all my photos from the 7 Mary 3 concert last week.

Current Vinyl Collection

Here's our current collection of designer vinyl...we found some great stores to help us out including Elite Comics in Overland Park and Pulp Fiction Comics in Lee's Summit. Dunny 2-Faced Series 2 by David Horvath (of Uglydolls fame)--(and we're selling one set on ebay):

And from Left to Right: Vintage MUSCLE figures, Oktus, Ghostland Peg Leg, 3x Bamboo Zoo, Wolverine Mighty Mugg:

Birthday Dinners

The office took its sweet time in getting us work, so we all last week off, to get settled in, explore a little, and generally relax until the 9-10 hour workdays started back up.

For my birthday, we went to Phenom downtown in search of designer vinyl, but all they had were clothes. We did hit the jackpot at dinner though: Arthur Bryant's, courtesy of my dad & Jenny. Laura and I split a whole rack of ribs and had gift certificate money left over for a bottle of sauce! We both gravitated toward the Rich & Spicy sauce (President's Choice) over the Original and Sweet Heat. The ribs were grilled, not smoked, so that threw me off a little. I do prefer smoked, but can't wait to go back and try more menu items! The place (we went to the original location) probably hasn't changed much over the decades; there's a big window/counter in the back separating the cooks/servers and grill from the customers. Photos of celebrities and close friends adorned the main wal…

Seven Mary Three

Thursday night, down at the Power & Light District, 7 Mary 3, one of my favorite bands that I've been following since high school, played an amazing (and free) show. The opening band was forgettable at best, but Laura Anne and I were right down front when they took the stage and opened with the first track from their new album, "Last Kiss." From there, it was just a great show. Jason Ross was a little off-tempo a few times while singing, but still has a strong voice to rock such mainstay favorites as Cumbersome and Water's Edge. Casey was fun to watch on lead guitar, and the bassist nailed that great solo from Cumbersome.

The band played songs from all their albums except for Orange Ave, of which Ross says "The record is disjointed." Along with Cumbersome and Water's Edge, they played Roderigo from American Standard; Rock Crown and (our favorite) Lucky from Rock Crown; Wait (a real treat), Breakdown, and First Time Believers from The Economy of Sound

Backwoods Equipment Company

It is nice to see that customer are treated right, even if not on the first try:"To Whom It May Concern: On Monday, my wife and I recently went into the Kansas City Backwoods to redeem my birthday postcard for the Osprey pack. We took a quick lap, looked at the new Chacos, and were heading to the front counter. An associate informed me that they were all out of the packs and offered to put us on the waiting list for ours. I asked if any other stores had any, and he asked which color I was interested in. He listed the colors, and showed us similar colors on the Osprey pack wall. We liked the orange/yellow color best, and he checked the computer for packs at other stores. He said that the Wichita store had several of each color, since we were going to Wichita on Tuesday (yesterday) for a business meeting. I also asked about the dates of the semi-annual sale. He said he wasn't entirely sure what dates, except for the end of August. He then explained the benefits of the…
though not entirely endorsing Obama in the upcoming election, i did want to dig a little into the whole "I will stand with the Muslims" quote taken from his book. The whole quote is as follows:

"Of course, not all my conversations in immigrant communities follow this easy pattern. In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans, for example, have a more urgent quality, for the stories of detentions and FBI questioning and hard stares from neighbors have shaken their sense of security and belonging. They have been reminded that the history of immigration in this country has a dark underbelly; they need specific reassurances that their citizenship really means something, that America has learned the right lessons from the Japanese internments during World War II, and that I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."

i don't think the WWII reference needs any explaining; i think we should be ashamed by our count…
i got sick, laura got sick...not a fun way to spend our last week at home, but i guess its better than being sick on the road.

we've still managed to have a good time this week. Sunday on the Town was great fun. we ate some great food...let's see, Sonterrahad a scallop on a bed of spinach with a demiglaze, Melting Pot had a small dessert sampler, Phantom Canyon brewing had Porter Ice Cream, Jack Quinn's had shepard's pie, but by far the best was The Famous Steak House....bacon-wrapped tenderloin tips over french fries! wow. they really went all out, more than i can say for some other restaurants.

we actually didnt buy anything at any of the stores, despite the discount, until the last stop, Edifice. we did enter all the drawings, but havent heard anything back, so i guess we didnt win any gift certificates, baskets, or bags. Edifice is an independent art gallery that also sells designer vinyl, and we got laura started on her own collection with the I'm Frenchseries f…