We've been flying through the work, getting 38 surveys done last week! We should have this first batch done early next week.

Though busy, we still walk the dogs over to the parking lot and throw their ball, work out every other day, and I've been playing Resident Evil DS. I just beat it this evening, with a miserable time of nearly 8 hours! And I let Barry die! For some reason, I didn't fight the 2nd Tyrant--maybe because I had zero health and no power ups? Who knows. So with such a dismal finish, I didn't get the rocket launcher or new outfits. If I do try to beat it in 3 hours, it'll be a while before I pick it up again.

We ate this evening at the Red Dragon House around the corner on 8th....mmmm! Much better than Los Corrals we tried earlier. The service at the Red Dragon house was very fast....our waters were refilled and our orders came out very quickly at the perfect temperature. Laura had a custom dish of Sesame Chicken over Lo Mein noodles and I enjoyed the Crispy Duck. We both decided to return.

Recently we were fortunate enough to pick up a signed Series 4 Frank Kozik, Le Billet Cache, and Easy Hey. My cool brother-in-law JR sent a Crayboth, Exellis, and Pheyden from Onell Design for my birthday:

Saturday we went to the River Market and I snapped the following photos:


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