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Building Building Building

I've gotten about 10-12 sets completed out of the huge 40-set lot I bought off Craigslist. Some great sets here: the motorized AT-AT, 2x Sandcrawlers, the Republic Cruiser, etc. Gotta get as much done as I can by tomorrow afternoon so I can list for 5 days, ending auctions on Sunday evening, a proven high-bid day on eBay. We'll see how many more I can do...I've been at this since noon, after shipping previous auctions this morning. It's 9pm and I think I'm starting to go a little cross-eyed.
Jamming out to TV On The Radio's latest CD, Dear Science. Keeps me going.
Here's a great photo on the day we left Providence for NYC. Can you believe we almost forgot to run by TAPS one more time for a photo? That would've been disasterous:

In Progress

Now that my write ups are done, I had to find some kind of creative outlet. Here's my latest project in progress.

Computer: Fixed

After nearly 2 1/2 years of the same minor glitch, my computer's fixed! The whole problem started when I got the new laptop and transferred all my music to it, so I thought it was a user error, some kind of malware or bug attached to a music file.
The glitch in question randomly removed SysTray items, most annoyingly Volume, and to a lesser extent HP Solution Center and Steep and Cheap app. To have a short term fix, I had to end the explorer.exe process and restart found here. But that didn't fix anything.
Yesterday I did a system clean sweep with A-Squared, CCleaner, and Ad-Aware. No change. I moved all my music files to my external hard drive, unplugged it, and rebooted. Still missing SysTray items.
I looked around the web for a while and stumbled across this article. Fixed. Just like that. I used The Ostuni Workaround. Turns out, its something related to Windows Media Player. All I had to to was go to My Network Places and Hide UPnP Devices. There are several other…

Dunny Endangered Series Case Layout

We were going to open half the case on my birthday and half on LA's, but that didn't happen! We didn't get the 1/40 Elizabeth Berdann, but hopefully we can find a trade for the 1/40 Jeremyville. I am glad we pulled the Ledbetter Lava Chase, but I don't think its very rare. And we got 2x 3/40 Tad Carpenter. Weird.
Here's out case layout. Individual Dunny photos from Rubber Ducky. A little surprising that all the 2/20s are together.

Birthday Weekend

When was the last time we spend our birthdays at home? No idea, but it is a great present! NYC to Colorado Springs took approximately 30 hours and took its toll; I have a minor sinus infection (which turned into a migraine Wed night). But I'm home now and can get some good rest. LA and I went to Tiffany & Co on 5th Ave and came out with little blue boxes.

There's so much we saw and did in NYC, and we got some really great photos!

Among the big tourist things we did was see the Statue of Liberty from Battery Park and see the 9/11 site. Since we were only a few blocks away, the dogs went to Central Park twice daily. On a whim on Sunday, we caught the subway up to Times Square and ran into Chicago at literally the last minute. I guess they needed seat fillers, since we got seats 4 rows up on the inside aisle for half price!

The weekend before we went to NYC was spent in the Northeast. Saturday we took an excursion to Salem and Sunday we walked the entire Freedom Trail…

New York City

Quick post before heading into town at 6pm Friday; no fun driving into the city!

Hit the MoCCA Festival yesterday and met some designer vinyl icons of ours: Tara McPherson, Andrew Bell, Bwana Spoons, and Kaiju Big Battel.

We're having a great time! And its not over yet! We don't check out until Tuesday. Here's some toy-related photos:

Budget Rent A Car 10246 Atlantic Blvd Jacksonville, FL

LA and I were in Jacksonville for 3 weeks conducting Market Research. We have rented from Avis and Enterprise in the past, but now own our own business and were looking to save some money on a 3 week rental and decided on Budget. Picking up the car was fine, but upon returning, we were surprised to find the $27/day under-25 fee (amounting to $540 with tax). The initial rental agent did not notify us of this, and the online reservation did not add this in since I made the reservation. When we've rented with Avis, our corporate policy covered the fee, and State Farm Insurance negates the fee with Enterprise.
The owner of the location was no help in helping us resolve the situation. Clearly, if we had known the fee would be on there, we never would have rented from Budget, so its not like we were trying to get out of paying; we were simply unaware. The owner (he said he'd been working there for 6 years) said the only way to take it off was to get approval from the district manage…