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kansas city has been pushed back a week, which is good because that means another week at home, but bad because if we're home, we're not working. its only a week, so it shouldnt set us back too far.
we've gotten so much done while we've been home....cleaned out the garage by donating the couch & some books, we sold some items on craigslist, i sold the rest of the star wars i bought in denver, bought more here and sold those, paying for our lounge chair on the patio we completed. we sold our coffee table we've had since getting married and got a cheap one until we find the perfect one.
LA has been taking cooking classes with Merrily and made THE BEST breakfast casserole today, and there's a sour cream coffee cake cooling downstairs now. she painted the living room 2 tones of green, even fixing the wall with expired paint that came off on your fingers 1 year later. she wrote a song for her dad's upcoming wedding, helped our neighbor with some teaching mat…

Kapp Dendo - X-Wing Rogue Squadron


Custom Ma'kis'shaalas - Nikto Jedi Knight (Purge Outfit)

sarah & tobi came this weekend and we all had a really great time, especially out on our new courtyard! we grilled burgers, made Sangria, and roasted marshmallows in our chiminea. tobi & i played alot of Ultimate Alliance on the xbox while laura anne was the perfect hostess.

i also finished reading Disciplineand Clone Wars Volume 5, while LA finished Girl in Hyacinth Blue and started on In Cold Blood.

i'm nearly done with my latest custom, an obscure Jedi from the Purge comic.

i also got this fantastic vintage wind-up drinking monkey off of ebay, for $50 cheaper than the antique store!

laura anne has left for the morning with her friend Merrily; she's teaching LA to make hors'd'vours tomorrow, so they're going over ingredients this morning. i've got ebay auctions ending today & need to finally get to listing some books. gotta get them out of boxes and onto shelves!

rick has his little aluminum boat finished, and tomorrow i'm helping him with a test r…

Recent Acquisitions

today was the day...we got our courtyard all done! Fransisco and his crew worked for 2 whole days, plus a few hours today to get all our flagstone done. we went with the quartzite gray flagstone, which has a little sparkle to it and looks great with our sheet metal fence. laura anne and i hung our ikea lanterns, set out the chiminea, and our new patio set. all ready for sarah and tobi to come this weekend! we're going to grill out tomorrow night and drink sangria! should be a great time.

laura anne and i also started at the chiropractor this week. LA has had muscle/back/joint pain, and looking at the xrays of her spine, i can understand why! my xrays weren't nearly as bad (in fact i have a perfect 'atlas angle'), but you can clearly see in my lower back when i was hyper-extended wrestling with my youth pastor and hyper-contracted body surfing in the ocean.

we're both on plans at Freedom Chiropractic. LA seems to be doing very well in only her 2nd week of treatment. I…

Custom Concept General Ki-Adi-Mundi

Based upon Concept Art, here's my take on the pirate-inspired Ki-Adi-Mundi. I'm still not sure what to use as his cape, but the custom is essentially done.

ROTS 29 Ki-Adi-Mundi: Head
TSC 15 Sora Bulq: Torso, Upper Arms, Lightsaber
TAC Comic Pack 05 Vilmarh Grahrk: Forearms,Bandolier
Saga 02-03 Obi Wan Kenobi (Coruscant Chase): Tabbard/Skirt
POTC: At World’s End Prisoner Will Turner: Legs
Note: Eyepatch made from tip end of the DC-15 rifle & an old rubberband

Custom Mara Jade

I must give credit where credit is due; I was inspired by PBarnyover at FFURG and FF6MOGat Rebelscum. I just combined the two ideas.

VTAC Princess Leia Organa (in Combat Poncho): Holster, Blaster

GI JOE 3-Pack #16 Agent Courtney Krieger: Head

TAC Comic Pack 10 Mara Jade: Everything else

I am a little iffy on the holster; I would've liked to used the Concept Luke or TAC Han holster, but couldn't make that sacrifice. Further, the double top belts may have looked funny. Mara probably wouldn't have carried the light DDC Defender, instead opting for something with more kick, but the proportion here was much better than the original holster.

Flea Market Finds

we got up early this morning to head up to denver with Merrily to the Paris Street Market. we also met up with Sarah and Tobi there, and hadn't seen them since sometime in january. well, did we get some good stuff! among other things, LauraAnne got a vintage Schwinn bike:

and i got this fantastic Delco wheeled tool cart. it has original handles, and opens to a drawer and 2 shelves which pull out. there's also storage in the door. pefect for the garage, especially since all my tools are currently in tupperware bins.