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today was the day...we got our courtyard all done! Fransisco and his crew worked for 2 whole days, plus a few hours today to get all our flagstone done. we went with the quartzite gray flagstone, which has a little sparkle to it and looks great with our sheet metal fence. laura anne and i hung our ikea lanterns, set out the chiminea, and our new patio set. all ready for sarah and tobi to come this weekend! we're going to grill out tomorrow night and drink sangria! should be a great time.

laura anne and i also started at the chiropractor this week. LA has had muscle/back/joint pain, and looking at the xrays of her spine, i can understand why! my xrays weren't nearly as bad (in fact i have a perfect 'atlas angle'), but you can clearly see in my lower back when i was hyper-extended wrestling with my youth pastor and hyper-contracted body surfing in the ocean.

we're both on plans at Freedom Chiropractic. LA seems to be doing very well in only her 2nd week of treatment. I'm a little sore and sometimes light-headed today after my first adjustment, but we're on our way to getting our spines back in curvy shape.

Boy, do I love Craigslist:
Carded: yoda & kybuck, darktrooper, concept vader, r2-d2 w/cargo net, romba & graak, greatest battles r2-d2, george lucas as stormtrooper

Loose: potf2 luke & taun taun, potf2 luke & leia on speeder bikes

Legos loose/complete: tie fighter, at-st, imperial shuttle, jango fett's slave I

plus several new 25th anniversary GI Joes all for the super low bargain price of $80. the only thing I'm keeping is the George Lucas. very hard to come by (well, the legos are too) but it doesn't take up much space. everything is currently on eBay

but the big one, i got in a big priority mail box today, was my 'Adventure' Combat R-Zero:

he's more yellow than orange, but that's just fine with me. i want the Plutonium one as well (he glows in the dark), but is available only if you buy the whole set of 5. i don't have that kind of cash laying around to spend on vinyl. this guy is awesome though! 3 points of articulation at the shoulders & waist, and packaged in a great re-sealable clam shell, so if i ever get tired of displaying him loose, i can put him away and out of harmful UV rays. plus i got a really cool poster to go with it! you can see more details and other colorways over at Atomic Mushroom.

The only thing I would change is to give him some wrist articulation, but that's a minor complaint. his jetpack is removable, so i hope one day they release more accessories for the back. I've got another great find on its way here and will post it when it arrives.

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