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Sunday August 10, 2003

A journal entry dated Sunday Aug 10, 2003: "Ty Kays came back a week ago--he, Jimmie Price, and I drove to the Pigeon River to see Sarah Blair Kelly. Ty and I took funyaks down the Lower; Jimmie got a trip down the same Class II-III at the ending. Relatively boring except Ty and I were able to catch up and do some surfing in our funyaks.

Afterward we took a boat down the Upper with Sarah and Amanda. The rapids were IVs but not because of their size or technicality. IV for a dangerous swim, but if you simply put the boat downstream and followed the current, there wouldn't be a problem.

We drove to Gatlinburg, waited and waited, and finally got to eat our 22oz Porterhouse steaks. Jimmie ate everything but the bones--fat and all. Ugh.

We didn't get in until late late and it was good thing to swtich cars in Maryville since Ty and I were discussing 2 motorcycles from Sunday night."