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Saturday Night Live 9-22-12

I really did like the first part of SNL tonight (9/22/12) with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Mumford & Sons, notwithstanding the weak opening. Who can possible mock Kelly and Michael Strahan? At the very least, please take note that Michael has no lisp. If you're going to impersonate, at least get it right. Moreso, SNL needs better writers for black comics. I kinda like Jay Pharaoh (really like Keenan), but weak writing is gonna get him shipped off mid-season.

After Weekend Update and the 2nd Mumford performance, the rest of the show fell apart. Disaster. Up till then, we had some good sketches and commentary, including the GOB Tampon 'commercial', and JGL channeling his inner Muppet "Sam The Eagle" for his Tommy Bergamont Master Hypnotist sketch.

I really do think Vanessa Bayer (Assad's Two Best Friends) could become Seth's co-host. She has good timing, good energy, and doesn't seem to be trying too hard.

Aside from a solid 2nd performance by Mumford,…

Cole Haan Air Infinity Casual Venetian II (Casvnii) Milkshake Suede

We do love Nordstrom Rack! Top brands, tons of $$ off. I found these Cole Haan Air Infinity Casual Venetian II (Milkshake Suede) shoes hiding in the clearance section, in a green Nike box! I've been looking for a good pair of Cole Haan casual slip-ons for a while. These are going to replace my North Face slip-ons, which I've had since '08. They'll get their test today, walking around the National Mall. Socks or no socks will be the tough decision. The leather in-sole may not hold up real well to sweaty feet...

Normal price: $178.00. Clearance price: $69.97!

Sucklord Rejects 2: Reanimators

I got my Suckadelic Rejects 2 figure in the mail a few weeks back, and I finally figured out the parts-mix: "the same bootlegged suit from the Occupy Cybertron line, coupled with the infamous Sucklord helmet." The"production" version is the Sucklord Host 2012, commemorating his duties at the Designer Toy Awards during NYCC. Instead of the Clutter Magazine paint scheme though, mine is all silver, except for the black tie. Minor paint splatter on the bubble.

AVOID Shades of the Bay Annapolis

Shades of the Bay
136 Main Street Annapolis, MD 21401‎

AVOID. Here's a free sales tip: don't insult your customers. Customer service = sales. My wife and I were shopping for a pair of polarized aviator-style sunglasses here today and had the most unfortunate service experience! The guy who helped us was SARCASTIC, RUDE, AND UNPROFESSIONAL. He even admitted he was being sarcastic! 

 He said Ray-Ban doesn't make Aviators (55mm) polarized because of viewing the airplane gauges. Well, I'm looking at a pair of RB3025 (55mm) polarized on (gunmetal/blue) 

 He called my wife "high maintenance" and told her not to take things so seriously. When you're in the market for $200+ sunglasses, I don't think being picky qualifies for "high maintenance" and "too serious". Even if they had the desired sunglasses in stock (and they were 15% off for Labor Day), I would not buy here. Sunglass Hut seems to have what we're looking for, a…

Double Robot Related to Karen Plankton?

So is it just me, or is Double Robotics iPad Robot related to Karen Plankton from Spongebob Squarepants? You be the judge: