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Custom Drill Man from Mega Man 4

Custom Drill Man from Mega Man 4, made from Smash Tokyo Toys / AOI (Anyoldion) Seismic Ace and Lego 71612cx1 Drills for the "hands"

Custom MadL Panzer LT-35 Tank

Obviously, I was inspired by Dust's custom TeddytankIV for this 5" Mad*L. I used a CMK Panzer Skoda LT-35 kit. The CMK decals disintegrated, so I used some leftover Tamiya 1/35 tank decals, and a few airplane decals for the Iron Crosses. Panzer Gray was way too dark on such a small kit, and I turned to Dark Aircraft Gray, which was a little green for my liking, but thought it could work in the Africa Corps (the real WWII LT-35 did not see action in Africa). This was my first time using Tamiya's weathering dust and I like the results, except the powder brush did not work at all.

Overrated Anvil Bar & Refuge (Houston) Review

For a bar that serves some very high end whisky (like Single Barrel Eagle Rare, Blanton's, Whistle Pig), you'd think that the roof wouldn't leak right onto the middle of the actual bar. 

My wife and I were there on a rainy Saturday afternoon, so it wasn't too busy. The bar itself is nice. Its clean, big windows, and excellent spirit selection. The bottles are well-organized and easy to see. I would've rated this place higher, except for the big dish tub sitting in the middle of the bar gathering water. You'd think they'd have a more elegant solution. 

Our bartender took our order (one Single Barrel Eagle Rare) then we ordered two more drinks. After that, the bartender went to a different part of the bar, never coming back. The other 2 or 3 bartenders never asked if we needed another drink or anything. We had to flag them down just to settle the check. 

I think they over-shake their drinks, watering them down. The average shake time is a slow 10-count. Maybe 30…

Ewan McGregor VS Of Monsters and Men

If Ewan McGregor's Obi Wan Kenobi was a Hipster Drummer, he'd be Arnar Rsenkranz Hilmarsson (Of Monsters and Men)

Ewan McGregor (Obi Wan Kenobi) Totally Looks Like Arnar Rsenkranz Hilmarsson (Of Monsters and Men)

Dear Bill Watterson, (RE: Calvin & Hobbes)

Dear Bill Watterson,

Even though its been 18 years since the last Calvin & Hobbes strip, you still have LOTS of devoted fans. I do not have room on my bookshelf for The Complete Calvin & Hobbes. I, like many of your readers, have upgraded and are going digital. Please release The Complete Calvin & Hobbes (along with the 10th Anniversary Book) as an eBook. I would pay as much for an eBook of all the strips as I would the Hardback edition. I do not need a new foreword, an interview, a new cover, or anything. Just the eBook would be great. Thanks