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yes, we did make it home. yes we pushed it and did St. Louis to Colorado Springs in one day, albeit a long day. but it was worth it to sleep in our own bed that night and awake in our own bed and have a fresh start on moving back in.

cracker barrel 'rents' books on CD, which helps a 14 hour drive go quick. i rented Steve Martin's "Born Standing Up," which i thoroughly enjoyed. it wasn't as funny as i thought it'd be (it was an autobiography afterall), but it had its humorous moments and gaining insight into his comedic style really made me appreciate his humor more. so much so, in fact, that i'm going to rent his "best of SNL" discs this month while home.

next best was Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover." i've listened to his talk show alot, so alot of the book was retread of what he says on air, but there were specifics that don't make it on the show. we are really fired up and ready to be out of debt!

the dud was…
finally, on the road. i got up moderately early, did 4 surveys, returned an item to ikea, picked up a few others, and finally got on the road (after a return at target and fedex trip) around 3pm. we're just outside st. louis and faced with 12 hours between us and home. if we're ambitious, we'll do the whole day tomorrow. if not, we'll stay in hayes or colby and have a short day on friday to get home home home.

Foo Fighters - Home

this song is really big right now for us....everything seems to be happening at once. after 2 funerals, once we got to cincy, maddie is the only one of us not to get sick. laura had the flu/throat infection then i got it. bunny had some stomach ailment, home treated with pepto bismol (sp?). and the boy, boots, is current at the vet, spending a 2nd night, after having a urinary blockage. if laura hadn't taken him in at 4am, he probably wouldnt have made it through the night.

he's got a catheter or 2, an IV, is on antibiotics for a fever, and has to wear a cone on his head. poor poor Snow Boots. we visited him tonight. the doctor called an hour ago, and said everything is looking fine now. they'll take the catheter out tomorrow and see how he does. hopefully he gets to come home tomorrow night! we really miss him around here. if we stay on schedule, we'll leave next wednesday and hopefully, if we really push it, be home thursday night. we'll need that month off...anyw…
under the weather...i got the throat infection that's going around. but i'm doing better today than yesterday. im not doing field work though, just trying to catch up on some paperwork. as it stands, we should be out of here april 23 and 2-3 day drive home. 2 if we really put in some long days. we miss home. we left feb 4.

laura anne is taking terrific care of me, making sure i take medicine, making dinner, buying me green tea drinks, making me tea. i really don't know where i'd be without her, sick or well.

i found out Biggs has Schloss Vollrads rieslings. they have 4 different ones. we might have to bring some home with us. they also have an extensive single-beer selection, so i made my own 6-pack. the highlight so far has been Sleeman's Honey Brown Lager 77. great taste. very smooth. and cool bottle, too.
Goose Island Nut Brown Ale...very good. I've always liked their Root Beer, but didn't know they brewed beer too. Good flavor. Medium body with a slightly nutty finish. I recommend it.

Jekel Monterey 2006 Riesling. Well, it was no Schloss Vollrads. We've liked other Rieslings more, so I wouldn't suggest this one. We paired it with salmon steaks, butternut squash soup, and garlic toast, and it still went down well. It is a moderate cross between a chardonnay and a riesling, sort of in between.

End of the workweek...but crummy weather predicted: rainy and 50 degrees. The aquarium sounds like a good option. I wonder if there are any good movies out for a matinee?
ok i understand why people don't like china--human rights abuses, helping Sudan, and most importantly, the Tibet issue. i don't agree with their policies. but to go so far to protest the Olympics and suggest a boycott? are those people serious? if they can honestly say that they buy 100% china free products, then protest. but until they're ready to give up all the cheap stuff stamped "Made in China," i don't think they have a legitimate voice.

did anyone else catch hbo's sundance documentary The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo last night? you want to talk about human rights abuses now? i suggest everyone watch this and educate themselves on the tragedy in Africa. yeah the UN is over there, but how big is their presence? and we have 140,000 troops in iraq trying to stabilize a problem we created. can you watch this and NOT do anything? we can't...we're going to get involved somehow. we're looking into the links provided and decid…

Belated Anniversary

Since Laura was sick on the 27th, for like a week, we finally got to celebrate our anniversary this weekend! She got me a massage at a salon complete with a Steam Dream tent thing. I found out I have a few muscle and skin adhesions, but nothing some pressure and blue oil can't fix.

Later in the afternoon, we saw Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who, which we both enjoyed quite a bit. It was very faithful to the book, only fleshing out story points, and the animation was top notch, be it the 3-D main movie, Dr Seuss inspired cartoons, or the anime Horton fight scene. It was everything a Dr Seuss move should be....funny, colorful, imaginative, inspiring.
Yesterday we ventured all the way downtown to hit the Contemporary Arts Centerand had such a great time! The Space Is The Place exhibit was very thought-inspiring, especially the juxtaposition of the space race and the civil rights movement in the late 60s. We both really enjoyed the Sol LeWitt, Master of Conceptualism, exhibition on the…

Flobots - No Handlebars

This song kicks ass. I recently heard it on 94.9 The Sound here in Cincinnati. It's a 7 member band from Denver. Any fan of alternative rock or hip-hop should enjoy it. Nice to hear a hip-hop song that's socially conscious with a message other than girls, drugs, or money.

Be sure to download it and crank it up! I like using Amazon, since its DRM-free (you can burn it to any number of cds, listen to it on any device, etc).

Rock. Out.