under the weather...i got the throat infection that's going around. but i'm doing better today than yesterday. im not doing field work though, just trying to catch up on some paperwork. as it stands, we should be out of here april 23 and 2-3 day drive home. 2 if we really put in some long days. we miss home. we left feb 4.

laura anne is taking terrific care of me, making sure i take medicine, making dinner, buying me green tea drinks, making me tea. i really don't know where i'd be without her, sick or well.

i found out Biggs has Schloss Vollrads rieslings. they have 4 different ones. we might have to bring some home with us. they also have an extensive single-beer selection, so i made my own 6-pack. the highlight so far has been Sleeman's Honey Brown Lager 77. great taste. very smooth. and cool bottle, too.


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