ok i understand why people don't like china--human rights abuses, helping Sudan, and most importantly, the Tibet issue. i don't agree with their policies. but to go so far to protest the Olympics and suggest a boycott? are those people serious? if they can honestly say that they buy 100% china free products, then protest. but until they're ready to give up all the cheap stuff stamped "Made in China," i don't think they have a legitimate voice.

did anyone else catch hbo's sundance documentary The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo last night? you want to talk about human rights abuses now? i suggest everyone watch this and educate themselves on the tragedy in Africa. yeah the UN is over there, but how big is their presence? and we have 140,000 troops in iraq trying to stabilize a problem we created. can you watch this and NOT do anything? we can't...we're going to get involved somehow. we're looking into the links provided and deciding how we can best help out.
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