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Obama requested that the EPA review its decision to bar California from imposing its own emissions standards, a move that is less "review" and more like "reverse." This has gotten the auto-makers up-in-arms, saying it will cost too much, it will cost jobs, etc. I think the auto makers lost their right to whine when they begged for (and received) billions of dollars from the government. Essentially the government could be considered a part owner and if they want to change emission standards across the board and enforce Bush's standards of 35 mpg in a few years, I think we the tax payer (and therefore part owner) can dictate what Detroit does. They've been losing money and bleeding jobs without stringent requirements. Maybe with a fire under them, the Big 3 will rethink their business models, the Unions will continue lessening their demands, and America will again respect an American car.

Today, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the US roads, publi…

SIlver Winston & Blagojevich

Can anyone believe Blagojevich? Claiming its a bipartisan conspiracy against him on national TV in a desperate attempt to sway potential jurors? Seriously, he should be on VH1's Tool Academy. Of course, I'd be upset too if I had hair that bad.

We scored the (now sold out) preorder of the Tenacious Toys exclusive Silver Winston from Kathie Olivas. Its only limited to 200. The only way to get one now will be the secondary market or attend NYCC.

We went out this weekend to see 13-time nominated The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I did end up enjoying it, once I got over the fact that the movie actually had little to do with the book. It was a completely different story, but worked on so many levels. The CGI was incredible, especially with the younger Brad Pitt. Its easy to depict an older actor, but everyone knows what Pitt looked like 20 years ago. And the movie really made me want to go get a vintage Triumph. The movie clocked in at nearly 3 hours but never lost a sense of pa…

College Snowball Fight Ends with Pepper Spray, Arrest

Awesome! From

GREENVILLE, N.C. (AP) - Authorities at a North Carolina college say a huge snowball fight got out of control, forcing campus police to use pepper spray on some students to contain the rowdy crowd.

Police were called to a dormitory at East Carolina University three times Tuesday as hundreds of students pelted each other with snow, The Daily Reflector of Greenville reported. The college is in a part of the state which doesn't get snow often, but a rare storm dropped several inches on campus that day.

Police said some students were getting too aggressive and an officer used pepper spray on a group that rushed officers trying to make an arrest.

Junior Brandon Davis said "it all started in good nature, but then people were throwing them as hard as they could at each other." Junior Matt Lunchick said an officer chased and arrested a student after being hit in the back with a snowball.

First Look at Hasbro's New Jabba Figure

Confirmed back in August, and now available for preorder at Entertainment Earth is the first new Jabba the Hutt figure in what, 10 years? More? Though I'm not happy that its animated, I think Hasbro will do a quick head swap and give us a realistic Hutt sometime later in the year. Here's hoping we DON'T get a repaint for Ziro, Jabba's light-in-the-loafers uncle

This was definitely a Murphy's Law trip, consisting of a flat tire outside of Salina, some punk-ass front desk kid at the Holiday Inn Express in Lawrence threatening to kick us out, doing 40mph on the freeway outside of Louisville on icy roads and watching the van next to us spin out of control, and Greensboro accommodations not necessarily up to standard.

Thankfully, most has been taken care tire, plugged another one, refunded our hotel stay plus 15000 points, no bad weather on Monday, and reservations across the street at the brand new Residence Inn starting tomorrow.

The details are long and boring...well the Holiday Inn Express story is intriguing involving a swim team, barking dogs, threats of animal control and the police, and culminating in a 1215am cell phone call from the same jerk, Jaimie. Thankfully, the management company who owns that Holiday Inn called first thing on Monday and made things right. We're probably driving through Lawrence 3 more times this y…

1600 Miles to Go

Amid all the baby-related flurry of activities lately, life still manages to march on, and LA and I are once again called away from our home for a 3 day drive across the country, after spending 4 days away from it in Denver. We delayed our trip by one day, so we could have a chance to catch our breath, but it was hard to catch with everything needing to get done: bathe Maddie, tint the VW windows, car wash for the VW, gas up the Honda, pack for 2.5 months, clean house, pack lunches, burn audio books, see friends at the last minute, chiropractor visit, eat, sleep, get up and drive 24+ hours to North Carolina. We'll barely be able to unpack there, since the market is due Feb 1, before backtracking to Memphis for a month, then backtrack more to Louisville, which incidentally we're staying in on Sunday night. We're trying to get out early this morning so we make it to Lawrence, KS with daylight and energy to meet Dana and her new boyfriend for dinner. We've got McCorma…

Golden Globe Awards

Did anyone else watch the GGs? Probably not. There were a lot of annoyances during the show, including ugly dresses, a brash Sasha Cohen, and Kate Winslet. She was the most annoying of all. You'd think someone who was nominated for an Oscar a decade ago would've learned some self-composure and grace. It was obvious from her speeches last night that her characters on screen exist completely independent from the rambling, excitable, in-eloquent, out-of-breath actress we saw on stage.

Other winners, equally or more excited, had alot of people to thank, but it wasn't some breathless list of names without any comprehension. She was largely ignorable and unfortunately we had to ignore her twice. I hope someone makes her watch her performance from last night, then makes her watch a movie she's been in, and says to her, "Next time, at least act like you have some grace" instead of getting yourself put on Angelina's hit list.

Note to Sandra Bullock: you'r…

This Is News? UPDATED

I found this clip over at Plastic and Plush. We've been collecting Ugly Dolls for about a year now. Nice to see that Horvath(their creators) aren't going to sell out and you still have to go to funky stores (like The Bunker in Kansas City) to get them.

UPDATE (May 6, 2012): Saw Ugly Dolls at Target this weekend.

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Custom Shara - Battlefront III Bounty Hunter

ok, so the head's not quite like the renders, but bombstrike is a little less masculine and gentlemen prefer blonds. i am not opposed to making her brunette, but what do you guys think?

VvV GI Joe Bombstirke - Head
Comic Pack Bultar Swan – Upper arms, chest/shoulder armor
TLC Padme (Ilum) – Torso, belt
Darth Talon - Forearms
Maris Brood – Legs
OTC Scout Trooper – hoslter/gun
Saga Lando - Skirt

LA's (solo) trip to NYC

Here are some late photos of LA's trip to NYC

Up Yours Obama?

How low class is this?

I saw this on a bumper sticker driving around the Springs tonight. Really? Taking Rosie the Riveter, a cultural icon symbolizing women's shift to the workplace to support the war effort to criticize Obama who supported the Illinois Equal Pay Act and co-sponsoring the Fair Pay Restoration Act? Vulgar ignorance.

He hasn't stepped into office and there are those calling him and his supporters Socialists. For those who haven't noticed, our nation has provided Social Security, unemployment, Medicare, and Medicaid for years (70 years for Social Security). Nevermind regular taxes and what they pay for. And in the past few months, George Bush has championed the Economic Stimulus Act ($152 billion) and the financial sector/auto industry bailout ($700 billion).

So Obama wants nationalized health care and he's a socialist? According to several studies, illness and medical bills cause over half personal bankruptcies. Another Study. Another Study.

"The parad…