SIlver Winston & Blagojevich

Can anyone believe Blagojevich? Claiming its a bipartisan conspiracy against him on national TV in a desperate attempt to sway potential jurors? Seriously, he should be on VH1's Tool Academy. Of course, I'd be upset too if I had hair that bad.

We scored the (now sold out) preorder of the Tenacious Toys exclusive Silver Winston from Kathie Olivas. Its only limited to 200. The only way to get one now will be the secondary market or attend NYCC.

We went out this weekend to see 13-time nominated The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I did end up enjoying it, once I got over the fact that the movie actually had little to do with the book. It was a completely different story, but worked on so many levels. The CGI was incredible, especially with the younger Brad Pitt. Its easy to depict an older actor, but everyone knows what Pitt looked like 20 years ago. And the movie really made me want to go get a vintage Triumph. The movie clocked in at nearly 3 hours but never lost a sense of pacing. Each period of Button's life was well-documented and contributed to the overall story, tying in the dying woman in New Orleans quite nicely. Not to be out done with history Button lived through, we also saw Hurricane Katrina flood the backwards running clock, finally and completely ending the Case.

For some reason, this Residence Inn doesn't do too much for the Managers Reception (tonight its cheese & crackers), so we'll have to figure out what to do for dinner tonight. Last night we did take-out Japanese; maybe we'll run over to Ruby Tuesday's and get the salad bar this evening.

The work is going well. We should be done with field work on Thursday, but alas that doesn't mean a 3-day-weekend. Instead, we'll focus on getting all our paper work done by Monday, when we'll pack up the cars and head to Memphis, which won't be quite so deadline driven.
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