Golden Globe Awards

Did anyone else watch the GGs? Probably not. There were a lot of annoyances during the show, including ugly dresses, a brash Sasha Cohen, and Kate Winslet. She was the most annoying of all. You'd think someone who was nominated for an Oscar a decade ago would've learned some self-composure and grace. It was obvious from her speeches last night that her characters on screen exist completely independent from the rambling, excitable, in-eloquent, out-of-breath actress we saw on stage.

Other winners, equally or more excited, had alot of people to thank, but it wasn't some breathless list of names without any comprehension. She was largely ignorable and unfortunately we had to ignore her twice. I hope someone makes her watch her performance from last night, then makes her watch a movie she's been in, and says to her, "Next time, at least act like you have some grace" instead of getting yourself put on Angelina's hit list.

Note to Sandra Bullock: you're not funny. Now Ricky Gervais': hilarious. Great British humor, a little risque, but nothing like Cohen. There needed to be some excitement to the whole thing, which is why Mickey Rourke was such a welcome change from all the normal stuffiness.

I was very happy to see Slumdog Millionaire win so many awards! Its a little sad this great movie is still confined to the indie circles, but hopefully winning Best Drama. Its a wonderful tale, colorful, well-acted, and you have to stay for the dance number at the end. Though the circumstances of Jamal's life are depressing, he rises above it all for the ultimate chance at....

I would love to see it again, but am really looking forward to seeing The Wrestler.

It was also good to see some love for 30 Rock, one of our favorite shows.
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