Obama requested that the EPA review its decision to bar California from imposing its own emissions standards, a move that is less "review" and more like "reverse." This has gotten the auto-makers up-in-arms, saying it will cost too much, it will cost jobs, etc. I think the auto makers lost their right to whine when they begged for (and received) billions of dollars from the government. Essentially the government could be considered a part owner and if they want to change emission standards across the board and enforce Bush's standards of 35 mpg in a few years, I think we the tax payer (and therefore part owner) can dictate what Detroit does. They've been losing money and bleeding jobs without stringent requirements. Maybe with a fire under them, the Big 3 will rethink their business models, the Unions will continue lessening their demands, and America will again respect an American car.

Today, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the US roads, public transit, and aviation a D grade, estimating the total cost to fix everything at $2.2 trillion dollars. I see two birds and one stone here: fix our infrastructure largely with the stimulus. Not just fixing pot holes, but what about light rail from Colorado Springs to south Denver? A nationwide construction project would create thousands of jobs, not to mention all the raw materials, and heavy equipment. I bet the 20,000 people at Caterpillar who are getting laid off wouldn't mind. Neither would us at the Nielsen crew, who drive 500 miles a week on said infrastructure.

If I was only 10 again and still had my Lego room, this would be the set for me (well it still might be)! Coming in at 1601 pieces for only $100 is the Lego Exclusive Medieval Market Village. I had quite an extensive Castle collection growing up with numerous castles, knights, wagons, and forts, but never a little village. With 8 minifigs and "two complete buildings with detailed interiors like a blacksmith’s shop with waterwheel-driven hammer, a food stand, tree, table, cart, cows, chicken, rooster, duck," I'm almost tempted to get it just to put all together and take it apart!

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