Up Yours Obama?

How low class is this?

I saw this on a bumper sticker driving around the Springs tonight. Really? Taking Rosie the Riveter, a cultural icon symbolizing women's shift to the workplace to support the war effort to criticize Obama who supported the Illinois Equal Pay Act and co-sponsoring the Fair Pay Restoration Act? Vulgar ignorance.

He hasn't stepped into office and there are those calling him and his supporters Socialists. For those who haven't noticed, our nation has provided Social Security, unemployment, Medicare, and Medicaid for years (70 years for Social Security). Nevermind regular taxes and what they pay for. And in the past few months, George Bush has championed the Economic Stimulus Act ($152 billion) and the financial sector/auto industry bailout ($700 billion).

So Obama wants nationalized health care and he's a socialist? According to several studies, illness and medical bills cause over half personal bankruptcies. Another Study. Another Study.

"The paradox is that the costliest health system in the world performs so poorly. We waste one-third of every health care dollar on insurance bureaucracy and profits while two million people go bankrupt annually and we leave 45 million uninsured" said Dr. Quentin Young, national coordinator of Physicians for a National Health Program.

"With national health insurance ('Medicare for All'), we could provide comprehensive, lifelong coverage to all Americans for the same amount we are spending now."

So how would health care reform and subsequent national health care be a bad thing? Explain that one to families whose medical bills have collapsed their homes while dealing with a serious illness. How is preventing nearly half of all personal bankruptcies such a bad thing?

LA and I have recently gotten health coverage. We have to pay 100% of our insurance out of our pocket. Have you looked at how expensive coverage is these days? Those fortunate enough to have benefits at work know that a good portion of their pay checks go toward health insurance. My COBRA payment after leaving a previous job would have been $400/month. How was I supposed to afford that? The Lord has blessed us and kept us disease- and accident-free for so long, and has again blessed us with a little extra so that in the even of an auto accident (we do drive over 2000 miles/month combined), we do not find ourselves in such a position that 91,000 people did in November 2008.

More US American citizen rights being trampled: "the president may order the military to seize legal residents of the United States and hold them indefinitely without charging them with a crime." Sounds very unlike the Constitution and Bill of Right I've read...

I've seen 2 'nobama' stickers last week. Note to idiots: Obama won the election.

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