2015 Ford Fusion Replacement Rear Deck Subwoofers

I bought a used 2015 Ford Fusion Titanium earlier this summer and didn't realize one of my rear subs was blown until after purchase. The Sony replacement through my Ford dealer was $80 for ONE, which seemed a little high. I scoured the internet for hours trying to find an affordable/better replacement, which is harder than you think since the original Sony speakers (BG1T-18971-CA) are 2.3 ohms (30w). Evidently, 2ohm subwoofers are a rarity. I called a couple audio shops in town and they had never even heard of them! I also did not want to replace true subs with a 3 way speaker.

Finally after hitting several forums, I found CDT Audio (http://www.cdtaudio.com) having the 6x9 2 ohm subwoofers I needed! I emailed and called to make sure I was getting the right stuff, and ordered a pair of official refurbished CL-69Sub/CF for $100 (and cheap shipping!)


I got in my trunk and looked to see if replacing them myself was in my wheelhouse...after learning that I would have to drop the entire back deck down replace the speakers, not to mention get a new wiring harness, I decided the prudent thing to do was just pay Best Buy the $80. The Geek Squad Install Bay on Strang Line did great work, and only took 45 minutes to do the job. My first song was Clap! Clap! by Elan Mentana and the speakers delivered through the Titanium's Sony Premium 12 speaker audio system.

Hopefully this helps anyone else in a similar predicament. I am by no means an audiophile, so I can't speak to how much of an upgrade these were to the stock Sony subs. I am assuming so--mainly they go boom, but probably wouldn't have spent the money as a pure "upgrade".


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