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Identify the Following: Colorado Amendment 67 Personhood Initiative

Please identify the following:

Top: Crop Circle
2nd: Single Plant Cell 3rd: Mars Surface Bottom: Person
That's right, if Colorado Amendment 67 (2014)--the Personhood Initiaive-- passes, a 'person' is defined from the moment of conception, granting that fertilized egg constitutional rights. Ridiculous. The right to bear arms? Freedom of speech? What about a life insurance policy and collecting benefits in the event of a miscarriage? And in the event of a miscarriage, should a death certificate be signed (even without a birth certificate)? HOV lanes? If the mother smokes/drinks is that a crime against a minor? Unbelievable.

Led Zeppelin Reunion?

Since last year's one-time benefit reunion of Led Zeppelin, full reunion rumors have been running rampant. Zep is one of the greatest rock bands in history and I'd probably sell my right arm for tickets to see a reunion of Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and Jason Bonham (sitting in for the late John Bonham on drums). Well, we have confirmation that there will be a Led Zeppelin reunion. Sort of.
After a bluegrass disc and tour with Allison Krauss, Robert Plant has stated that he didn't want to tour "for at least the next two years", but this isn't stopping the rest of the guys who are rumored to be auditioning singers such as Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge), and Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) among others for a new record and tour.

Worth my right arm? Nah. But if this pseudo-reunion happend, I'd definately be there!

It took us 3 long days to drive from the Springs to the east coast, and when we got here, we weren't really settled, since there was a mixup with the work. We originally got a hotel down in Chesapeake (the whole area is called Hampton Roads), but the work was mainly in Newport News and Williamsburg. So we worked 3 days out of a Towne Place Suites before moving up to a Residence Inn in Williamsburg. The RI beats TPS hands down.

So we spent most of Saturday packing up the hotel, loading the car, driving an hour north, unload the car, and hope that a 2-bedroom became available for more room than the 1-bedroom (plus no oven in the 1-bed). So we didn't even unpack that day.

Sunday we got word that a 2-bedroom was available, but we wouldnt get the Platinum free upgrade, so we declined the offer and got started on unpacking and settling in.

We also managed to have some fun Sunday and found some nice shops nearby, including a well-organized comic shop (I picked up Wolverine 41), the Naut…

Colin Powell on Meet the Press

When such a man as former Sec of State Colin Powell, who enjoys an 80% approval rating, makes such a strong, well-thought & well-spoken endorsement, its hard to ignore or argue with. I would have to say I agree with the Republican & Ret. General.

[Bold font has been added]

I have said to Mr. McCain that I admire all he has done. I have some concerns about the direction that the party has taken in recent years....I was also concerned at the selection of Governor Palin. She's a very distinguished woman, and she's to be admired; but at the same time...I don't believe she's ready to be president of the United States, which is the job of the vice president. And so that raised some question in my mind as to the judgment that Senator McCain made.

On the Obama side, I watched Mr. Obama...And he displayed a steadiness, an intellectual curiosity, a depth of knowledge and an approach to looking at problems...And also, in not just jumping in and changing every day, but showi…

Bad Gas

Who knew what a tank of bad gas could get you....

Let's see...a few hard starts on Monday resulted in an in-traffic break-down. I thought it could've been the battery, but the VW would not start. So I called around...several places were booked through the week, which was unacceptable since we were scheduled to leave on Wed. Heuberger Motors said they could get me in on Wed, which was close enough; I just wanted my car looked at/fixed.

Wed. at 330pm, Heuberger called and said it might be Friday before they looked at it. I went ballistic and called the service manager, who really didn't seem to give a rat's ass. I think its bad policy to say Wed, and call that late in the day and say it might be Friday. I told him I'd arrange for a tow somewhere else and never buy a car from Heuberger. Still didn't care. What a jerk.

So I had to pay that tow bill and get another tow to Al Serra VW. Dan over there called me at 9am this morning (and several other times today)…
My new candidate--even though he's Canadian (I found it in an old Marvel Wolverine comic):

Santa Fe

Here's a quick run-down of stuff we saw and things we ate in Santa Fe:

Trader Joe's: cheap wine! where else can you get bottles for about $3? and its good too!

Doc Martins (Taos): good food, horrible service. our server was 3 weeks into the job and it showed. LA's and my drinks didn't arrive until after lunch was served. inexcusible.

FX-18: nice little modern gallery in Taos. we bought a couple gifts for people, but not much art and no vinyl toys despite Ugly Dolls in the window.

El Farol (on Canyon Rd): at dinner there after LA got her tattoo. wonderful tapas including a tuna tartar with a guacamole base. turkish pork skewers were perfectly spiced. good desserts too.

Design Warehouse: modern furniture and accessories including the Herman Miller Aeron chair. the furniture was pricey (but well designed and comfy) but the accessories were moderately priced, so there's something for every budget.

Doodlets: wacky gift ideas like an inflatable moose head, toilet pap…

Who's Responsible for This?

From the AP:

"The Senate Select Intelligence Committee is looking into allegations from two U.S. military linguists that...National Security Agency interceptors routinely monitored and recorded the private calls of U.S. military personnel, Red Cross and other humanitarian workers; personal discussions that had entertainment value — pillow talk or phone sex —were shared among intercept operators, they said....

The recently adopted eavesdropping law requires the government to get court permission to listen in on American phone and computer communications anywhere in the world. However, the previous version of the law only required attorney general approval."

Gonzales continues to be a thorn in Bush's side. Who's administration enacted that law? And who's party confirmed the attorney general? It's a poor reflection of Bush's judgement: "I don't like it when a friend gets criticized. I'm loyal to my friends. All of a sudden this fellow, who is a …

Pregnant Sarah

Here's a little slideshow of Sarah with little Phoenix or Eowyn!

Photo Slideshow from Santa Fe

Santa Fe

Quick post on our whereabouts: an actual vacation! We're staying 2 nights in "enchanted" New Mexico, right on the Plaza! No dogs, no cat, no work! What a concept!
We've been to several galleries, saw the Loretto Chapel (the one with the stairs), and lit candles at the Catherdal of St Francis of Assisi. The Institute of American Indian Arts had an extensive Fritz Scholder exhibit that we enjoyed.
We've eaten at La Casa Sena and Coyote Cafe, but the Dragon Room at Pink Adobe was closed last night by the time we sauntered from dinner, cigars in hand. Details to follow....out for another day (Dad: havent forgotten about The Shed; we're doing lunch there today)

Part II

I'm very tired of the lame duck, non-leader George Bush who has really tarnished politics in general. Only 1/3 of Republican in the House voted for the bailout plan, even after a 745am press conference during which he said:

"This bill provides the necessary tools and funding to help protect our economy against a system-wide breakdown. The bill will help allow access to credit so American families can meet their daily needs" [Is it really a good thing we rely on credit for our daily needs?]

"Without this rescue plan, the costs to the American economy could be disastrous." [Just like Iraq had WMD's and was a threat to America's security?]

Why should we trust some 3 page plan he's cooked up that will miraculously fix our troubled economy?

Why are we giving banks $800 billion so we can get credit to buy daily needs? The Economic Stiumulus Act was supposed to fix things, and that only cost $152 billion. If its really about "main street" how about c…

Stupid Politics- A Rant Part 1

Well, I got a response from Lamborn at least from his office, though it was a generic email response. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for something real. We'll see.

Speaking of politics, we're going to Dick & Merrily's tonight to watch the VP debate. Mostly I'm going in part to know what they'll be talking about on the next SNL, since I was a little lost on the Katie Couric spoof last week.

I think I'm leaning toward Obama right now....the Republican party is really disappointing in its response to the New York Times article about campaign manager Rick Davis' ties to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, saying "Whatever The New York Times once was, it is today not by any standard a journalistic organization" Its' their traditional strategy and its turning me off to McCain/Palin.

Also, Colorado Springs, home of Focus on the Family, is such a conservative bastion that I just want to throw a wrench in the machine they've created. I'm tired of …