Bad Gas

Who knew what a tank of bad gas could get you....

Let's see...a few hard starts on Monday resulted in an in-traffic break-down. I thought it could've been the battery, but the VW would not start. So I called around...several places were booked through the week, which was unacceptable since we were scheduled to leave on Wed. Heuberger Motors said they could get me in on Wed, which was close enough; I just wanted my car looked at/fixed.

Wed. at 330pm, Heuberger called and said it might be Friday before they looked at it. I went ballistic and called the service manager, who really didn't seem to give a rat's ass. I think its bad policy to say Wed, and call that late in the day and say it might be Friday. I told him I'd arrange for a tow somewhere else and never buy a car from Heuberger. Still didn't care. What a jerk.

So I had to pay that tow bill and get another tow to Al Serra VW. Dan over there called me at 9am this morning (and several other times today) to let me know what was going on with the car. Bad diesel....which means new fuel filter, injection flush/clean, etc. We were at 80k miles so while they had it, put in a work order for timing belt/water pump. Dan called again today at 530pm to tell me the work was done. So guess who's getting all my VW business in the future? And will, since I guess the Turbo is starting to leak a little oil and will need maintenance soon. Expensive Bummer.

So, lesson acting funny? Try a fresh tank of gas. Don't take your cars or business to Heuberger Motors in Colorado Springs. And DON'T buy gas at

Allsup's 314
444 Riverside
Espanola NM

Their corporate office will be getting a bill for all the work a bad tank of gas has caused (I doubt they'll pay, but still). Conoco Phillips will also get a copy, since this location sold that gas. I don't think Phillips will like to know I will avoid their gas from now on, which is a big thing, since I fill up every other day.
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