Santa Fe

Here's a quick run-down of stuff we saw and things we ate in Santa Fe:

Trader Joe's: cheap wine! where else can you get bottles for about $3? and its good too!

Doc Martins (Taos): good food, horrible service. our server was 3 weeks into the job and it showed. LA's and my drinks didn't arrive until after lunch was served. inexcusible.

FX-18: nice little modern gallery in Taos. we bought a couple gifts for people, but not much art and no vinyl toys despite Ugly Dolls in the window.

El Farol (on Canyon Rd): at dinner there after LA got her tattoo. wonderful tapas including a tuna tartar with a guacamole base. turkish pork skewers were perfectly spiced. good desserts too.

Design Warehouse: modern furniture and accessories including the Herman Miller Aeron chair. the furniture was pricey (but well designed and comfy) but the accessories were moderately priced, so there's something for every budget.

Doodlets: wacky gift ideas like an inflatable moose head, toilet paper with barb wire printed on it, and assorted knick-knacks.

Pink Adobe (The Dragon Room): awesome bar off the plaza. there are several old chinese trees growing in the bar through roof cut-outs. natural light, carved doors, good tequila

The Shed: an establishment. be prepared to wait even at lunch. well worth it. good chiles, good margaritas.

La Casa Sena: bbq in santa fe? only if you like chiles. some of the best sweet potatoe fries i've had. LA had SW inspired eggs benedict.

POP Gallery: picked up some pieces here. i got a Ryan Singer Robot at a silent auction, and we picked up 2 CJ Metzger pieces. Kathy Olivas had several originals there, but they were too much $$

Chuck Jones Gallery: due to staffing problems, the gallery wasn't open at all during our visit and i was not happy about it.

Jackalopes: you could spend all day there in the various buildings or getting lost on the grounds. though were were too worn out to spend much time there and none of us bought anything.

Four Star Tattoo: despite early hours (they close at 8pm) some fantastic work there. Crow did an awesome job on LA and we'll probably use her for any future ink work.
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