It took us 3 long days to drive from the Springs to the east coast, and when we got here, we weren't really settled, since there was a mixup with the work. We originally got a hotel down in Chesapeake (the whole area is called Hampton Roads), but the work was mainly in Newport News and Williamsburg. So we worked 3 days out of a Towne Place Suites before moving up to a Residence Inn in Williamsburg. The RI beats TPS hands down.

So we spent most of Saturday packing up the hotel, loading the car, driving an hour north, unload the car, and hope that a 2-bedroom became available for more room than the 1-bedroom (plus no oven in the 1-bed). So we didn't even unpack that day.

Sunday we got word that a 2-bedroom was available, but we wouldnt get the Platinum free upgrade, so we declined the offer and got started on unpacking and settling in.

We also managed to have some fun Sunday and found some nice shops nearby, including a well-organized comic shop (I picked up Wolverine 41), the Nautical Dog (Maddie got a new harness and we picked up Christmas gifts--we're almost done shopping!), Burberry Outlet, Gap Outlet, Barnes & Noble, Ichiban Japanese, CoCo Chocolatier, etc. We just stuck around thru the weekend, but next weekend we plan on going to Colonial Williamsburg to poke around.

The work is going well...Hampton Roads is much nicer than Fayetteville. It's more educated and well-addressed. We got 26 surveys done in only 3 days last week, so hopefully these 124 surveys will go quick.

We have several restaurants within walking distance, a Trader Joe's (!!) nearby, a park across the street to walk the dogs to, a dog park nearby. Its a very nice area. And I love all the history of the area...our country was founded here, and fought for here. Its very historical and very Fall right now, though the weather is unpredictable: warm and rainy Saturday, cool and sunny on Sunday, cool and Sunny this morning, but now its cold and rainy!

Current beer selections: Charlottesville's Starr Hill Jomo Lager. Light and slightly bitter, all around good drinkability. Overall rating from Beer Advocate -- B

If you're in the mood for something more seasonal, I highly recommend Dogfish Head's Punkin Ale. I've had others' Fall brews including Shipyard's and Blue Moon, but this one is one of the greats and well worth the extra cash for the 4-pack. A- from BA

One for the wintertime (we had to sample it now to see if its a keeper): Troegs' Mad Elf Holiday Ale (but isn't it a little early?). You can definately taste the cherry. B+ from BA

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