Who's Responsible for This?

From the AP:

"The Senate Select Intelligence Committee is looking into allegations from two U.S. military linguists that...National Security Agency interceptors routinely monitored and recorded the private calls of U.S. military personnel, Red Cross and other humanitarian workers; personal discussions that had entertainment value — pillow talk or phone sex —were shared among intercept operators, they said....

The recently adopted eavesdropping law requires the government to get court permission to listen in on American phone and computer communications anywhere in the world. However, the previous version of the law only required attorney general approval."

Gonzales continues to be a thorn in Bush's side. Who's administration enacted that law? And who's party confirmed the attorney general? It's a poor reflection of Bush's judgement: "I don't like it when a friend gets criticized. I'm loyal to my friends. All of a sudden this fellow, who is a good public servant and a really fine person, is under fire. And so, do I like it? No, I don't like it, at all."

Paying tribute to Mr Gonzales (after his resignation), Mr Bush said...that he had been subjected to "months of unfair treatment" and that "his good name was dragged through the mud for political reasons".

McCain might be bipartisan. McCain might be a maverick. But he's still a Republican, and quite frankly, the GOP has ruing John McCain for me.
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