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My Authentic Decals Fall Apart and Disintegrate! (UPDATE)

I bought a set of 1/72 decals for a Messerschmitt Bf-109F-2 on ebay. When I went to apply them to my project, they disintegrated on contact with water! Fell apart completely! So I had the ebay seller send me a new set, thinking I got a bad batch. Nope. Same issue. The email address on their website is wrong too. does not work, but the packaging has listed, so I'm emailing them to make things right instead of the seller. If they don't though, I'm gonna have to get a refund from the seller for carrying a crappy product.

No Disintegration! Kinda appropriate given my project:

EDIT: I emailed photos of the decals, and after a few weeks Authentic Decals has sent me a refund of $10 for the decals that fell apart. It doesn't mean that I'll buy any more Authentic Decals, but at least they're a good company. I still have to track down decals for my Messerschmitt project though....