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Mighty Muggs Custom Berserker Wolverine Collage

Wolverine Mighty Muggs as a base, photocopied vintage and modern Wolverine comics, and red paint blood splatter. Available at My Etsy Shop



New Statue

Completing my Homer Simpson cube, is the Syroco-Style statue from Dark Horse #427/550. Great sculpt and detail and a new take on a classic character

My New Favorite Shirt

Since I can't get enough of The Man With No Name Trilogy, when I saw a customer wearing this shirt, I had to know where I could get one for myself: Target of all places.

Work is going well so far. There's a lot to learn, and I don't get my blue shirt until I pass the 100-question Home Theater Certification I, which I'm working on in-store and at home through the Learning Lounge. We've got 2 new white shirts in the dept, and I must say I enjoyed being the only new guy. Our dept (combined with Computers) accounts for 75% of the store revenue, so its a top-spot to be in. I just don't want the competition for hours, for training, and for time with my superiors. We re-arranged our schedule so LA and I could both attend the cookout on Sunday night, hoping to get more face-time with the GM and AMs. I did apply for the FT position, and interview on Sunday, but nearly every other PT is applying as well. I'm not expecting to get the promotion, but I figure it…

New Job

I don't know my exact title...customer service, associate, sales associate, sales consultant...either way I'm working the sales floor of Home Theater at Best Buy. The position is currently PT, but I'll hit 40 hours plus this week, even with unpaid lunch. We always seem to get busy right when I'm supposed to be taking off, and I hate to leave customers hanging, especially when they're there to buy a nice big TV. I'm the only white shirt in our dept. To get my blue shirt, I've got to take several e-learning courses, culminating in my Home Theater Certification I, a 100-question test with no official prep.
So far its turning into a great place to work. I've already applied for the open FT spot in our dept. We are no-commission, but bonuses do abound if we meet our sales budgets, especially on services, GSBT, and branded payments. I'm learning alot, especially from one of our FT's, David. If there aren't customers to help, there's o…