My New Favorite Shirt

Since I can't get enough of The Man With No Name Trilogy, when I saw a customer wearing this shirt, I had to know where I could get one for myself: Target of all places.

Work is going well so far. There's a lot to learn, and I don't get my blue shirt until I pass the 100-question Home Theater Certification I, which I'm working on in-store and at home through the Learning Lounge. We've got 2 new white shirts in the dept, and I must say I enjoyed being the only new guy. Our dept (combined with Computers) accounts for 75% of the store revenue, so its a top-spot to be in. I just don't want the competition for hours, for training, and for time with my superiors. We re-arranged our schedule so LA and I could both attend the cookout on Sunday night, hoping to get more face-time with the GM and AMs. I did apply for the FT position, and interview on Sunday, but nearly every other PT is applying as well. I'm not expecting to get the promotion, but I figure it shows initiative and proves I'm here to make BB a career. I'm not afraid of working extra either, and hoping it doesn't go unnoticed that I put in 46 paid hours last week (I don't get a paid lunch). I might not hit 40 this week, but its not for lack of trying, since I was only on schedule for 31.5. They've got to notice, right?
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