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Newest Custom

Takeover: Darth Goblin Almost a No-Paint-Kit-Bash, but I had to do something about Anakin's eyes. Found both figures at Arc Thrift on the cheap and finally got around to mashing them up. Took a TON of 2-part epoxy.

Backbooth Is Here!

Most know Seven Mary Three from their 1995 breakthrough debut American Standard and the iconic single "Cumbersome" which continues to receive tons of airplay on rock radio to this day. Those in the know see the band a bit differently. They are drawn to Jason Ross' powerful and often introspective songwriting, to his distinctive voice, and to an impressive catalog of Seven Mary Three songs developed over seven records and a fifteen year career.

This side of the band is captured on Backbooth, a new live acoustic record on Settle Up Records. Recorded in Orlando, FL at a private show for it's most passionate fans, Backbooth documents Seven Mary Three in it's simplest form--great songs, mostly acoustic instrumentation, and an intimate setting. In addition to classic Seven Mary Three songs ("Lucky", "Wait"), the record includes previously unreleased (“Untitled”) and rare ("Don't Walk With the Devil") gems from their catalog, and a stunn…

Ashley Wood WWRP Brambles

FedEx rang the bell today and it got me out of bed! Ashley Wood's new WWRP line hit the west coast on thurs, and I was very excited to get my big box today. I don't know if it was just tracking, but it was labeled 10:700. My MK2 Brambles have arrived after much waiting, anticipation, and pre-ordering the MK2 Berties!

The outer sleeve alone was impressive and worth picked up the 6-pack instead of singles.

And then open, with all 6 displayed together and not in individual boxes. The hard part will be deciding which 1 or 2 I'm keeping, since the detail on all these is just phenomenal. I don't have the time to complete the DIY (and don't think my limited skills would do it justice), so that one's up for grabs--and besides it'll be the one that commands the highest secondary price, given its exclusive to the 6-pack.

I wish I could take painting lessons to figure out how these look like real metal, and the weathering is just awesome! It can't be that ha…

50 Horror Classics

I had some Best Buy Bucks and picked up 50 Horror Classics at work on the cheap. We've gotten through a few. Most are 1-time-only movies, like Atom Age Vampire and Carnival of Souls, both featuring terrible sound quality and CoS having a minimal plot spoiled by the title. And too much organ music. However, the original House On Haunted Hill was well acted and had quality production, but the ending was lacking. Tonight's choice was Tormented and it was actually pretty good. Again, the sound/dialog was spotty, but the story and pacing were thought out.

Little Boy Asks Barack Obama, 'Why Do People Hate You?' -- Politics Daily

Little Boy Asks Barack Obama, 'Why Do People Hate You?' -- Politics Daily

Shared via AddThis

"First of all, I did get elected president, so not everybody hates me; I got a whole lot of votes," Obama joked. "A lot of it is what's called politics, where once one party wins, the other party feels like they've got to poke you a little bit to keep you on your toes. So you shouldn't take it too seriously." He went on. "But people are worried about their own lives. A lot of people are losing their jobs right now. They're losing their health care or they lost their homes to foreclosure and they're feeling frustrated, and when you're president of the United States, you've got to deal with all of it. You get some of the credit when things are going good, but when things are going bad, you get some of the blame." "But that's all right," Obama said, adding, "I'm a pretty tough guy. Are you a tough guy? You look p…

Messerschmitt Ente-4/7 Trop Duck Fighter

Flown by Major Helmut Wick during the Battle of Britain, the youngest Major and Kommodore in the Luftwaffe. Awarded the Knight's Cross and Oak Leaves before being shot down near the Isle of Wight. Attributed with 56 victories in 168 combat missions.

This custom measured approximately 11 1/2" tail-to-bill, 5" tall, and a 10" wingspan. Expertly weathered detail including the decals. Signed on bottom.

Landing gear does not lower. Major Wick is removable and the fighter features articulation at the head/neck.

Dinner Menu 10/11

Irish Lamb Stew (from Martha Stewart)

IngredientsServes 8 1/2 cup all-purpose flourCoarse salt and ground pepper3 pounds boneless lamb stew meat (preferably shoulder), trimmed of excess fat and cut into 2-inch cubes3 tablespoons canola oil1 large onion, chopped3/4 teaspoon dried thyme1 1/2 cups dark beer1 1/2 pounds medium new potatoes, peeled and quartered1 pound carrots, peeled and cut 1/2 inch thick diagonally3 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley DirectionsIn a large bowl, season flour with salt and pepper. Dredge lamb in flour mixture, shaking off excess. In a Dutch oven, heat oil over medium heat. Working in batches, brown lamb on all sides, about 5 minutes per batch. Transfer to a plate.Pour 1/4 cup water into pot, scraping up browned bits from bottom with a wooden spoon. Add onion; cook, stirring occasionally, until water has evaporated and onion is beginning to soften, about 5 minutes. Return lamb to pot; stir in thyme, beer, and 1 1/2 cups water. Cover; simmer until lamb is tender…



Mighty Muggs Custom Berserker Wolverine Collage

Wolverine Mighty Muggs as a base, photocopied vintage and modern Wolverine comics, and red paint blood splatter. Available at My Etsy Shop



New Statue

Completing my Homer Simpson cube, is the Syroco-Style statue from Dark Horse #427/550. Great sculpt and detail and a new take on a classic character

My New Favorite Shirt

Since I can't get enough of The Man With No Name Trilogy, when I saw a customer wearing this shirt, I had to know where I could get one for myself: Target of all places.

Work is going well so far. There's a lot to learn, and I don't get my blue shirt until I pass the 100-question Home Theater Certification I, which I'm working on in-store and at home through the Learning Lounge. We've got 2 new white shirts in the dept, and I must say I enjoyed being the only new guy. Our dept (combined with Computers) accounts for 75% of the store revenue, so its a top-spot to be in. I just don't want the competition for hours, for training, and for time with my superiors. We re-arranged our schedule so LA and I could both attend the cookout on Sunday night, hoping to get more face-time with the GM and AMs. I did apply for the FT position, and interview on Sunday, but nearly every other PT is applying as well. I'm not expecting to get the promotion, but I figure it…

New Job

I don't know my exact title...customer service, associate, sales associate, sales consultant...either way I'm working the sales floor of Home Theater at Best Buy. The position is currently PT, but I'll hit 40 hours plus this week, even with unpaid lunch. We always seem to get busy right when I'm supposed to be taking off, and I hate to leave customers hanging, especially when they're there to buy a nice big TV. I'm the only white shirt in our dept. To get my blue shirt, I've got to take several e-learning courses, culminating in my Home Theater Certification I, a 100-question test with no official prep.
So far its turning into a great place to work. I've already applied for the open FT spot in our dept. We are no-commission, but bonuses do abound if we meet our sales budgets, especially on services, GSBT, and branded payments. I'm learning alot, especially from one of our FT's, David. If there aren't customers to help, there's o…

New Toys!

Charity Folks recently hosted an auction to benefit the Make A Wish Foundation. Called "The Empire Muggs Back" various toy designers and Star Wars artists customized Hasbro's Mighty Muggs. We were lucky enough to win 2! Melissa Goodwin works on the Cartoon Network series Robot Chicken, and worked on the Star Wars Episode II show. Katie Cook is an official Star Wars artist at Lucasfilm.
We won Melissa Goodwin's Han Solo in Carbonite and Katie Cook's Wampa

Room Design

In conjunction with Cassio Design BuildLA and I designed and remodeled part of our garage into a fantastic entryway. We self-performed alot of the work and we love our new room! Doesn't it look like a page from a magazine?

From left to right: Kozik's Ludwig Van vinyl bust limited to 50, cowskin rug from DWR, retro tripod lamp from Mod Livin in Denver, desk $15 from ARC--we peeled the faux wood laminate and used a bench grinder for the top, free oak chair from craigs list, globe from ARC, vintage Zenith AM radio/alarm clock from an estate sale. Spauling Gray paint from Sherwin Williams.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Last visit to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo with Sarah, Tobi, and Eowyn, LA and decided to become members, so yesterday we used our membership privileges and took our friend Kimberly to the early members-only opening at 8am, and I must say it was worth every penny of the membership just for yesterday morning! The monkeys were all howling, the Andulan Bear was making a humming/purring noise, a mountain lion was pacing, but best of all were the grizzlies! Both males were in their swimming pool play fighting for over 1/2 hour!

A zoo-keeper came by and we got lots of our questions answered...the bears were nuisance bears and scheduled for destruction after too many human encounters, but both got along well and were moved to the zoo together. The 2 American Bald Eagles had wing injuries and were incapable of flight. The 4 (or 5?) mountain lions were found by a hiker after their mother was poached. It makes you feel better about the animals being "caged up" when you know their ba…

America's Best City: Colorado Springs

Here's the article from the recent OUTSIDE Magazine:

How We Ranked Them
First, we started with the 100 most populated cities in America, using public data to rank them on factors like cost of living, unemployment, nightlife, commute time, and access to green spaces. Then we took the 28 candidates with the highest overall averages and put them through a second round of number crunching, comparing things like the percentage of the population with college degrees, income level in relation to home prices, and weather. The wild card? Our own multisport factor, which rated each of our finalists on a scale of 1 to 5 for quality and proximity to biking, running, paddling, hiking, and skiing.

617,000: Population (metro)
$180,000: Median home price
A: Multisport grade
1,200: Number of Olympic athletes who live in town to train at the U.S. Olympic Complex There's a reason 1.3 million people have rushed to Colorado's Front Range in the past two decades: With 249 annual days of sun,…

TAPS in Colorado Springs

I normally don't get excited over going to Wal-Mart for groceries, but when I pulled into the parking lot today and spotted a TAPS van (with Rhode Island plates), it really lifted my trip. Coming out of the store, I a girl loading the van and stopped to chat. No, it wasn't Jason or Grant or Steve or Tango, but a production worker. She couldn't tell me where they were investigating, only that it was one location in the Springs and one near Denver. We'll be sure to keep a lookout on SyFy for that episode for sure!

LA is now on Etsy

LA has gotten her shop, Retro Plaid, up and running on, and she's already had 2 orders. Bookmark her page and keep coming back, since she's adding new stuff all the time:
Retro Plaid on Etsy

Movies & Jobs

Gearing up for tomorrow morning...first show of the day (not counting the midnight shows tonight) to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. We made a good effort to watch the series beforehand, and watched Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber yesterday, but were too busy today doing real things, and skipped ahead to Order of the Phoenix, so we're all ready to go in the morning. Its got a 95% Fresh rating over at Rotten Tomatoes right now (Order got 77%) and we are excited!
I went to the movies last week and saw Transformers 2 (19% Fresh); definitely skip that one. Despite being geared towards kids, we saw the over-sexualization of female characters, racist comic relief, and a tiny robot humping a girl's leg. Nevermind the gaping plot holes, like the fact that they walk out of the back of the National Air and Space Museum in DC into a plane graveyard in the desert, complete with mountains in the background. The Decepticons seem to have limitless reserves of robots capable …

Bathtub V from Keith Loutit - Video Pick of the Week

If you watch one online video this week, this should be the one! No, its not model-railroad scale toys, its the real thing! Just filtered, sped up, slowed down, I dunno what he did, but its genius!

Bathtub V from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

Custom P-40B Duck Fighter

While I usually work on Star Wars related customs, I wanted to do something more outside-the-box. I combined a Revell P-40B Tiger Shark 1/48 model and a duck I found at a thrift store. Let me know what you think!

Mongolion Release

The next Mongolion release fromSuper7 Store:

Ancient Spirits of Evil! HOOOOO!

Fan Favorite L'Amour Supreme's Mongolion has returned, and is paying his respect to another in a long line of horribly amazing villains of the past. Hailing from Third Earth, Mongolion the Ever-Living is cast in light blue vinyl with red, maroon, tan, black and silver sprays, reminiscent of a transforming evil mummy (Mumm-Ra) who wears the Snakes of Infinity emblem on his chest.

Mongolion will be offered for sale at $60, Saturday, July 11th, 11am Pacific at the Super7 Store.

Transform this decayed form to Mongo Lion, the Ever-Living!!!!
I missed the first release. Maybe I can snag this one and trade it, or just get this one and keep it. They sold out in minutes last time; hopefully Paul over at Ultra Pop in Louisville can hook me up. But ifyou look at the Super7 SDCC teaser poster, there are clearly 2x Mongolions at the top. Even more colorways already? Wish I was heading to San Diego later this mont…

Building Building Building

I've gotten about 10-12 sets completed out of the huge 40-set lot I bought off Craigslist. Some great sets here: the motorized AT-AT, 2x Sandcrawlers, the Republic Cruiser, etc. Gotta get as much done as I can by tomorrow afternoon so I can list for 5 days, ending auctions on Sunday evening, a proven high-bid day on eBay. We'll see how many more I can do...I've been at this since noon, after shipping previous auctions this morning. It's 9pm and I think I'm starting to go a little cross-eyed.
Jamming out to TV On The Radio's latest CD, Dear Science. Keeps me going.
Here's a great photo on the day we left Providence for NYC. Can you believe we almost forgot to run by TAPS one more time for a photo? That would've been disasterous:

In Progress

Now that my write ups are done, I had to find some kind of creative outlet. Here's my latest project in progress.

Computer: Fixed

After nearly 2 1/2 years of the same minor glitch, my computer's fixed! The whole problem started when I got the new laptop and transferred all my music to it, so I thought it was a user error, some kind of malware or bug attached to a music file.
The glitch in question randomly removed SysTray items, most annoyingly Volume, and to a lesser extent HP Solution Center and Steep and Cheap app. To have a short term fix, I had to end the explorer.exe process and restart found here. But that didn't fix anything.
Yesterday I did a system clean sweep with A-Squared, CCleaner, and Ad-Aware. No change. I moved all my music files to my external hard drive, unplugged it, and rebooted. Still missing SysTray items.
I looked around the web for a while and stumbled across this article. Fixed. Just like that. I used The Ostuni Workaround. Turns out, its something related to Windows Media Player. All I had to to was go to My Network Places and Hide UPnP Devices. There are several other…

Dunny Endangered Series Case Layout

We were going to open half the case on my birthday and half on LA's, but that didn't happen! We didn't get the 1/40 Elizabeth Berdann, but hopefully we can find a trade for the 1/40 Jeremyville. I am glad we pulled the Ledbetter Lava Chase, but I don't think its very rare. And we got 2x 3/40 Tad Carpenter. Weird.
Here's out case layout. Individual Dunny photos from Rubber Ducky. A little surprising that all the 2/20s are together.

Birthday Weekend

When was the last time we spend our birthdays at home? No idea, but it is a great present! NYC to Colorado Springs took approximately 30 hours and took its toll; I have a minor sinus infection (which turned into a migraine Wed night). But I'm home now and can get some good rest. LA and I went to Tiffany & Co on 5th Ave and came out with little blue boxes.

There's so much we saw and did in NYC, and we got some really great photos!

Among the big tourist things we did was see the Statue of Liberty from Battery Park and see the 9/11 site. Since we were only a few blocks away, the dogs went to Central Park twice daily. On a whim on Sunday, we caught the subway up to Times Square and ran into Chicago at literally the last minute. I guess they needed seat fillers, since we got seats 4 rows up on the inside aisle for half price!

The weekend before we went to NYC was spent in the Northeast. Saturday we took an excursion to Salem and Sunday we walked the entire Freedom Trail…

New York City

Quick post before heading into town at 6pm Friday; no fun driving into the city!

Hit the MoCCA Festival yesterday and met some designer vinyl icons of ours: Tara McPherson, Andrew Bell, Bwana Spoons, and Kaiju Big Battel.

We're having a great time! And its not over yet! We don't check out until Tuesday. Here's some toy-related photos:

Budget Rent A Car 10246 Atlantic Blvd Jacksonville, FL

LA and I were in Jacksonville for 3 weeks conducting Market Research. We have rented from Avis and Enterprise in the past, but now own our own business and were looking to save some money on a 3 week rental and decided on Budget. Picking up the car was fine, but upon returning, we were surprised to find the $27/day under-25 fee (amounting to $540 with tax). The initial rental agent did not notify us of this, and the online reservation did not add this in since I made the reservation. When we've rented with Avis, our corporate policy covered the fee, and State Farm Insurance negates the fee with Enterprise.
The owner of the location was no help in helping us resolve the situation. Clearly, if we had known the fee would be on there, we never would have rented from Budget, so its not like we were trying to get out of paying; we were simply unaware. The owner (he said he'd been working there for 6 years) said the only way to take it off was to get approval from the district manage…

Exploring Rhode Island

Last night on our way to Picasso's Pizza, we took a minor detour to the TAPS office on West Shore Rd. It is even more unassuming than the pick-up shots in the show, though there are several ominous looking black vans and SUVs in the parking lot with the large yellow TAPS logo. The office-front is blacked out with the same lettering. Taped to the door was a note: "TAPS appreciates all their fans, however this is a working office..." So no tour, no gift shop, no meet-and-greet, but it was cool just to be there. Next excursion we'll take the camera and get a photo out in front...

Picasso's was excellent, despite the location. It is definitely a dive and I'm glad we ordered carry-out instead of eating in, since its more of a pool hall/bar than a pizza joint. But the food was excellent! Based on a prior review, we tried the Hot Honey Wings and they were amazing. I think we could've been satisfied with wings only if we had ordered more. There was a goo…

Our Day on the Cape

Drove up to Provincetown, MA yesterday to explore Cape Cod. Provincetown is not for the closed-minded, full of its own culture, home of artists and bohemians. And not a chain- or big box store in sight on Commercial St! Despite walking nearly the entire length of the main drag, we didn't fill up the car with purchases, and we passed on some good stuff including a dog bed that attaches to the back seat of a car (at The Recycled Retriever) and a funky white stool. Instead we kept things low-key. At Yesterday's Treasures, I picked up Iron Man: Enter: The Mandarin #1, the entire X-Men Phoenix Warsong run, and X-Men Phoenix Endsong (with Variant cover for #4).

Over at Map, a cool punk-rock store, LA found a Rogues Gallery "Salem" recovered vintage T-shirt and a button for her jacket.

At Century, a home/personal design store, I got a sophistimicated bottle opener by Blomus, upgrading from the FSU fight song opener at home. We also bought our first alarm clock, the Jet Clo…

Long Days

It seems like so long ago that we were in our little condo on the beach...yesterday we started in FL and drove through GA, SC, NC, and stayed the night in Richmond VA. Today we went from VA to DC to MD to NJ to NY to CT to RI. Traffic in DC was bearable, but upon crossing the George Washington Bridge into NYC, we had backups and stop-and-go until well to Bridgeport, CT.

We are off the road now, home in a Residence Inn south of Providence in Warwick, which happens to be the home of our favorite Wed night TV program, Ghost Hunters. We are hoping to drop by the TAPS office (4.2 miles from our hotel) and find.....a gift shop? photo opportunity? Who knows.

We're here and always looking for fun stuff to do. Any ideas?

Job Leads

Good thing I am off work this week...I took my ROSA test (passed) and RepEvaluator for a Revenue Officer position with the IRS. I have to wait up to 30 days to find out my score, then I might get a phone call. Keep your fingers crossed.

Friday I'm taking the supervisor test for Assistant Manager of Quality Control for the Pueblo office of the US Census. If I get either job, it means a commute (no complaining, just a statement of fact). I wouldn't turn my nose at the AMQA job, but its only a year assignment and hourly. I think I'd be much better suited for a job with the IRS, and its field-based (perfect for me). We'll see how the cards are dealt.


A current desk inventory:

Sony VGN-FE670G Laptop
Seagate FreeAgent Go portable 500gb hard drive
empty Honey Moon Summer Ale bottle
Black Nintendo DS Lite (game: Final Fantasy IV)
Sony headphones with mini-plug adapter (in ziploc)
Creative headphones & Verizon music USB adapter (in ziploc)
blue Glade Candle
black LG Chocolate phone
pen (black ink)
2008 corporate income tax returns folder
Aliens/Predator Free Comic
a few grams of beach sand

Whirlwind in St Augustine

What a whirlwind in St Augustine yesterday with Trav and his girl Joy! We started at a cemetery, walked St George St, shopped some on St George--and kicked myself...there's a Columbia down in St Augustine! If I had known that, we would've skipped Cruisers for lunch and gotten some nice Spanish food, Cuban bread, and hand-made Sangria! Cutter and Cutter Fine Art had some great Seuss pieces, including the full size Yertle the Turtle bronze, while at another gallery, we saw an original printing of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's "Divan Japonaise" complete with French fold for only $95,000. Toured the Castillo de San Marcos, ate blizzards at Dairy Queen, and closed down the outlet malls (found some good purchases at Banana Republic, Gap, Guess, and American Apparel), and got home around 10pm. Was that too late for more? Nope. Ate The Best calzone over at Al's Pizza before finally calling it a night. It was a good day.

No Swine Flu in Jacksonville

Even though LA is coughing, has a runny nose, and is generally tired, we are ruling out Swine Flu for the following reasons: no contact with anyone who's recently been to Mexico, no cases in Florida, no fever. We are suspecting allergies which turned into a sinus infection, which moved to her lungs. Claritin-D, for all its wonders, makes her a little fuzzy, so we're switching to Mucinex and naps.

We had a wonderful weekend with Dad and Jenny, doing a lot of eating and relaxing. Anytime we eat 2 consecutive meals at a place, you know its good! The Fish Company on Atlantic is one such place, with options from sandwiches, to grilled fish, to fried entrees. Good happy hour specials (New Castle on tap), though the desserts are average.

Another good find, much more of a dive, is the Beach Hut Cafe, where we fought for a table as late as 1030. Busy and a little understaffed, our food came out quickly and hot. Biscuits and gravy all around! Its hard to screw up diner-style break…

Terror Memos

I think its deplorable that the terror memos go so high up in the last administration, from the CIA seeking to get approval to the Justice Dept which wrote the memos to the Executive Office which clearly had a hand it their justification.

I also do not condone torture.

Those pieces said, I accept the fact that our country has done things in our past that have made us safer, which may or may not have been lawful or ethical. Torture, assassinations, cover-ups, etc. I'm no conspiracist, but I'm not naive either. I just think our public figures should have no hand in it, and some things are better left unknown.

Its like Batman: some things that go bump in the night keep us safe, but we shouldn't shine a flashlight on it.

beach trip

Being 2 blocks from the beach is not lost on us. We went for a run on the beach after work and then took the dogs down for a long walk. Tonight's trip at low tide yielded 6 pieces of sea glass (including light blue), we found 1 dead and 1 live soft shell crabs, a sea urchin, and a large fiddler crab which Maddie wanted to chase. All-in-all, a successful trip!

Come see us in Florida

3 days in the car. Spent the night in Lawrence and outside of Nashville. Finally made it to Atlantic Beach. Here's links to the place we're staying:

We are literally 2 blocks from the beach. Star Bucks is right across the street. Walking distance to half a dozen restaurants. Great locale and LA is the one who found it! Considering moving here.

Tiny condo, full master bedroom with awesome bathroom (jacuzzi tub!). Tiny 2nd bedroom with pull-out couch and its own bathroom. Screened porch. Courtyard. This place is awesome. The beach is pet-friendly before 9am and after 5pm, so the dogs LOVE it. Come see us! Especially you Trav! It'll be hard to get motivated to work here instead of lounging on the beach all day! We've got 3 weeks of work and 4 weeks of condo, so we're already looking forward to that last week.

Onell Design Custom Corps 1

It finally arrived! Along with the Clear Orange Sarvos, they also sent a Red Aura (GID) Crayboth! Awesome work guys! Now if someone would help me out with his proper name...

UPDATE: This is #34, a Gliporian Sarvos

Onell Design Custom Corps 1

Colorado Bill 09-170

Dear Senator Morse,

Might I inquire your reasons to support Bill 09-170? I am at the moment undecided on how I feel about this Bill's defeat. I strongly support the Dream Act, but how would this bill have been affected by it? On one hand, it seems paradoxical that a benefit of "in-state residency" could be granted to an individual who is residing in America illegally. An American citizen from Kansas has to pay out-of-state tuition; why not someone who shouldn't legally be in the state? On the other hand, the more college graduates our state can produce, the better. There are numerous socio-economic reasons to promote college graduation. What are the statistics of illegal immigrants who do not attend college for the monetary differences between in-state and out-of-state tuition rates?

I have read through a your voting record on and agree with most positions you took, though I would like to ask what legislation have you sponsored or co-sponsored that you fe…

Twilight vs Let The Right One In

Well, I haven't seen Twilight, just the previews on TV and it looks pretty lame. Especially compared to "Let The Right One In" which we saw last night at Kimball's Twin Peaks downtown last night. Its a Swedish vampire love story between a bullied 12-year old boy and his new neighbor, Eli, who happens to be a vampire. First, its nice to see a vampire movie where the lead vampire is a female. When's the last time that happened? Secondly, it was very gritty and real. If Eli hadn't eaten in a while (and she has an aversion to killing) she looked pale(r) and sickly; only a few times did she look like a healthy 12 year old girl. After watching the movie, I never want to move to Sweden; it looked COLD. This was a great film, leaving plenty to figure out on your own, didn't rely heavily on special effects, and the young actors gave such a great performance it was unbelievable. This was a great thriller that got its scares by what we didn't see. Name…

5 Year Anniversary

Special thanks to all who made our 5 Year Anniversary such a special event! Dad & Jenny got us a gift certificate to The Famous, a wonderful steakhouse downtown Colorado Springs. Gorgeous high backed booths, great service, and perfect steaks! We both opted for the smaller 10 oz filet (can you believe they have a 14 oz??) along with a side of asparagus. To help us celebrate, they brought out a nice little cake with our champagne. It was really a great dinner and evening.
Grandma & Grandpa Petty sent us flowers all the way from Oklahoma, where we were married:

And thanks to all our friends and neighbors who dropped by for our little Open House, not to mention the cards from Florida! Merrily baked a lemon cake, we had little smokies in Gates BBQ sauce, a veggie tray, cream cheese with jalapeno jelly, Columbia Sangria, and I made Dick & I my first Manhattan with the new Basil Hayden bourbon I got in Louisville. Teri and MaryElle who live behind us dropped in with a bottle of…

Finishing Louisville and Going on 5 Years

I get home and I just quit blogging, don't I?
Finally, after pacing ourselves so it wasn't a last minute rush, LA and I finished all our write-ups from the Louisville market, coming in around 65 surveys. The deadline is tomorrow, so we rushed when the winter's last blizzard let up to FedEx the box, but DIA is shut down completely, so who knows when those surveys will leave and arrive in Schaumburg. It is such a relief to have those surveys done! Now I can move on to more important matters, like figuring out all the IRS stuff for our S-Corp.
Wrapping up on Louisville, our last weekend in town, despite cold weather, was a good one. LA found a neat little area off Bardstown and we stumbled upon Lynn's Paradise Cafe, a wonderful little gem on a rainy Sunday afternoon with bright colors, fun wait-staff, a full bar, and the best breakfast since Memphis. Several of the menu items had been featured on a Food Network show, including LA's stuffed French Toast, topped with c…
“What is required is a commander in chief that's looked at like a commander in chief in a time of war”--Warren Buffett

“We're in a big war, and we're going to use money to fight it,” he said.

We are currently in an economic war and the Republicans who complain about and try to stop the stimulus are unpatriotic.

Could you imagine at the time of the Iraq war, if all the Democrats--save 3--wouldn't vote to go to war (especially based on its monetary cost)? There would've been a nationwide uproar.

The stimulus IS expensive, but don't forget that the Iraq war is nearing the $700 billion mark. Its easy to pot hole the stimulus when you've got a cushy job on Capitol Hill. Not so easy when a hard working husband and wife are being laid off in June. Spend some of that Obama-bashing energy and find us jobs and then I might listen to your point of view.

New Toy

Wouldn't you know it, after months of waiting (we obtained the Golden Ticket while in KC), when we got home from our last outing, on our doorstep was waiting the Supakitch/Koralie Le Billet Cache Dunny! And it is all sorts of awesome. Its a great collaboration and the colors can't be beat! Its currently going for $300+ on ebay, but I just don't think we can part with it. We may sell EasyHey to make up for the cost difference, but anyway, here it is, next to the French Series Koralie:

Travel Woes

Would you believe that 1.5 hours out of Louisville, I blew a tire? One flat on the way out here in LA's car, and one on the way back. The spare is full-size, but a different size than the other 3 by like 1". Doesn't seem to make a difference. The current tires had a few miles on them when we got them a year ago, so its probably time to get a new set. Yay.

There is also the matter of a slight 'hitch' at about 55-60 mph. Really I think its tied to 2500 rpms. At low speeds, that's the shift limit, I can't notice it. And while in Park, I can hold it at 2500rpm and the engine runs fine, but at high speeds, something just seems to 'bump.' I'm hoping A) its not the transmission B) somehow the Memphis Honda warranty extends to Colorado. Otherwise, I think I'm just about done with the Honda, as sad as it is to say, and about to look into trading it in. I'm starting to rethink dropping a used engine into it, but buying a car cross-count…
Another reason why Louisville is better than Memphis: 7% sales tax versus Memphis' whopping 9.25%! No wonder why the whole city seems like its in squalor. An extra 2%? Are you serious?

Rush Limbaugh is still a big fat idiot, still claiming he wants Obama to fail. Doesn't he realize if Obama's plan fails, then America fails? You can disagree all you want with the President. I didn't agree with many of the Bush admin's policies, but I never wanted him to fail as a president. The whole Iraq war has been a disaster, costing many lives and dollars, but I didn't want his plan for war to fail, putting us in this mess.

You know you're in a rough neighborhood when above the Neighborhood Watch sign, someone has scrawled "F*** the Police" above it. Thankfully it was early morning and below freezing, keeping most of the residents indoors.

Louisville, Day 7

So far, Louisville is a pretty great little city. And when compared to Memphis, wow! We took a few days last week to catch up on write ups (we finally finished on Sunday) and do a little exploring.

We found a great little designer toy store, Ultra Pop, over on Bardstown. They carry a great selection of Kaiju, lots of which I've seen on sites like Super 7, but never in person. The owner was very helpful in tracking down a hard-to-find piece, even it meant we bought online and not from his store. Not to say we didn't buy from him....we got 2 UK series Dunnys, including the Triclops clear head with the umbrella, the green Ox 3" vinyl Ugly Doll, and Mini Pegura. I was initially unsold on it, but after seeing that Japanese GID, I was sold. Its like a lightbulb!

We saw The Wrestler over the weekend and both really liked it. It was so gritty and raw, it felt more like a documentary instead of a movie. Rourke deserved his Golden Globe for sure.

The Watchmen comes out this w…