Ashley Wood WWRP Brambles

FedEx rang the bell today and it got me out of bed! Ashley Wood's new WWRP line hit the west coast on thurs, and I was very excited to get my big box today. I don't know if it was just tracking, but it was labeled 10:700. My MK2 Brambles have arrived after much waiting, anticipation, and pre-ordering the MK2 Berties!

The outer sleeve alone was impressive and worth picked up the 6-pack instead of singles.

And then open, with all 6 displayed together and not in individual boxes.
The hard part will be deciding which 1 or 2 I'm keeping, since the detail on all these is just phenomenal. I don't have the time to complete the DIY (and don't think my limited skills would do it justice), so that one's up for grabs--and besides it'll be the one that commands the highest secondary price, given its exclusive to the 6-pack.

I wish I could take painting lessons to figure out how these look like real metal, and the weathering is just awesome! It can't be that hard; these are mass-produced afterall. I've got some projects that could use this treatment for sure
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