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Backbooth Is Here!

Most know Seven Mary Three from their 1995 breakthrough debut American Standard and the iconic single "Cumbersome" which continues to receive tons of airplay on rock radio to this day. Those in the know see the band a bit differently. They are drawn to Jason Ross' powerful and often introspective songwriting, to his distinctive voice, and to an impressive catalog of Seven Mary Three songs developed over seven records and a fifteen year career.

This side of the band is captured on Backbooth, a new live acoustic record on Settle Up Records. Recorded in Orlando, FL at a private show for it's most passionate fans, Backbooth documents Seven Mary Three in it's simplest form--great songs, mostly acoustic instrumentation, and an intimate setting. In addition to classic Seven Mary Three songs ("Lucky", "Wait"), the record includes previously unreleased (“Untitled”) and rare ("Don't Walk With the Devil") gems from their catalog, and a stunn…

Ashley Wood WWRP Brambles

FedEx rang the bell today and it got me out of bed! Ashley Wood's new WWRP line hit the west coast on thurs, and I was very excited to get my big box today. I don't know if it was just tracking, but it was labeled 10:700. My MK2 Brambles have arrived after much waiting, anticipation, and pre-ordering the MK2 Berties!

The outer sleeve alone was impressive and worth picked up the 6-pack instead of singles.

And then open, with all 6 displayed together and not in individual boxes. The hard part will be deciding which 1 or 2 I'm keeping, since the detail on all these is just phenomenal. I don't have the time to complete the DIY (and don't think my limited skills would do it justice), so that one's up for grabs--and besides it'll be the one that commands the highest secondary price, given its exclusive to the 6-pack.

I wish I could take painting lessons to figure out how these look like real metal, and the weathering is just awesome! It can't be that ha…