Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Last visit to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo with Sarah, Tobi, and Eowyn, LA and decided to become members, so yesterday we used our membership privileges and took our friend Kimberly to the early members-only opening at 8am, and I must say it was worth every penny of the membership just for yesterday morning! The monkeys were all howling, the Andulan Bear was making a humming/purring noise, a mountain lion was pacing, but best of all were the grizzlies! Both males were in their swimming pool play fighting for over 1/2 hour!

A zoo-keeper came by and we got lots of our questions answered...the bears were nuisance bears and scheduled for destruction after too many human encounters, but both got along well and were moved to the zoo together. The 2 American Bald Eagles had wing injuries and were
incapable of flight. The 4 (or 5?) mountain lions were found by a hiker after their mother was poached. It makes you feel better about the animals being "caged up" when you know their back story. Oh yeah, I got a job.

Oh yeah, I got a job.
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