Mongolion Release

The next Mongolion release from Super7 Store:

Ancient Spirits of Evil! HOOOOO!

Fan Favorite L'Amour Supreme's Mongolion has returned, and is paying his respect to another in a long line of horribly amazing villains of the past. Hailing from Third Earth, Mongolion the Ever-Living is cast in light blue vinyl with red, maroon, tan, black and silver sprays, reminiscent of a transforming evil mummy (Mumm-Ra) who wears the Snakes of Infinity emblem on his chest.

Mongolion will be offered for sale at $60, Saturday, July 11th, 11am Pacific at the Super7 Store.

Transform this decayed form to Mongo Lion, the Ever-Living!!!!

I missed the first release. Maybe I can snag this one and trade it, or just get this one and keep it. They sold out in minutes last time; hopefully Paul over at Ultra Pop in Louisville can hook me up. But ifyou look at the Super7 SDCC teaser poster, there are clearly 2x Mongolions at the top. Even more colorways already? Wish I was heading to San Diego later this month...


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