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Gearing up for tomorrow morning...first show of the day (not counting the midnight shows tonight) to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. We made a good effort to watch the series beforehand, and watched Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber yesterday, but were too busy today doing real things, and skipped ahead to Order of the Phoenix, so we're all ready to go in the morning. Its got a 95% Fresh rating over at Rotten Tomatoes right now (Order got 77%) and we are excited!

I went to the movies last week and saw Transformers 2 (19% Fresh); definitely skip that one. Despite being geared towards kids, we saw the over-sexualization of female characters, racist comic relief, and a tiny robot humping a girl's leg. Nevermind the gaping plot holes, like the fact that they walk out of the back of the National Air and Space Museum in DC into a plane graveyard in the desert, complete with mountains in the background. The Decepticons seem to have limitless reserves of robots capable of transforming into spy satellites, a huge destructor robots complete with scrotum, and college co-eds, but the Autobots seem stuck to have the 2 annoying urban robots and pre-requisite Optimus and Bumblebee. At 2 hours and 45 minutes, you'd think the film makers could've put in a plot, but no, nothing made real sense. Skip it.

Rented Frank Miller's Sin City (77% Fresh) and it was incredible. Mickey Rourke. The same gritty determination as in The Wrestler, but nearly indestructible. Mostly in black and white, the added color highlights weren't a distraction and in fact added to the story-telling in a subtle way. At first it was hard to tell if we were watching little un-related vignettes, but the story, in graphic novel/comic form, tied everything together nicely, with lots of great cameos and big star performances, especially out of creepy little Elijah Wood. Not for the faint of heart.

Can you believe that neither LA or I had seen The Godfather (100% Fresh) in its entirety? What a shame, huh? Well we sat down to it the other night (our 'crime' weekend) and enjoyed the heck out of it. The, you don't get many stories and characters like that. No wonder Marlon Brando is the archetype of mafia movies. I'm sure most everyone has seen it, but its well-worth seeing again, since I'm sure its been forever. We will definitely rent II, but upon advice from Dick and Merrily, skip III.

Jobs: the census in Denver never got my application from Atlanta, so now I've got that to deal with. I never thought it'd be easy. Applied for a Marketing Coordinator with Verio, Supervisor with Chipotle, Executive Team Leader Intern/In-Training with Target, spots with Best Buy, Manager/Asst Manager at Blockbuster, Statistician with Census, Contract Specialist with the government, Management with Gamestop, Intelligence Specialist with TSA, the list goes on. Hoping to hear something one day.

In the meantime, I'm still working on the 38+ Lego lot I bought a few weeks ago. I sold about half a week ago getting back 8%. I've saved some of the bigger stuff, so my margin should increase. Heading to Denver on Friday to buy some vintage Star Wars items that should do well.

LA is moving into a permanent position with Vintage Revival, working 3 days a week, picking up an extra here and there and is currently working on her Etsy account. Will post a link once she gets set up.

We both worked hard on our book inventory and have shifted our business model to purge all the penny books. I've started listing again, and out of about 150 books found 50 to sell. But sold 6 of them the first day or 2 they were listed, so our new model seems to be working. We cut our inventory from 2500 to just 500, but have found buyers for the excess books, making 8 or 9 cents per book.

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