Birthday Weekend

When was the last time we spend our birthdays at home? No idea, but it is a great present! NYC to Colorado Springs took approximately 30 hours and took its toll; I have a minor sinus infection (which turned into a migraine Wed night). But I'm home now and can get some good rest. LA and I went to Tiffany & Co on 5th Ave and came out with little blue boxes.

There's so much we saw and did in NYC, and we got some really great photos!

Among the big tourist things we did was see the Statue of Liberty from Battery Park and see the 9/11 site. Since we were only a few blocks away, the dogs went to Central Park twice daily. On a whim on Sunday, we caught the subway up to Times Square and ran into Chicago at literally the last minute. I guess they needed seat fillers, since we got seats 4 rows up on the inside aisle for half price!

The weekend before we went to NYC was spent in the Northeast. Saturday we took an excursion to Salem and Sunday we walked the entire Freedom Trail in Boston. Salem wasn't quite what we expected; it was a lot larger, less quaint, and more of a suburb of Boston. We did find a ton of seaglass near the lighthouse and found an awesome comics/collectibles store, Harrison's. We bought a case of Tara McPherson's Gamma Mutant Space Friends, looked at all the great vintage 12" Star Wars figures, and found Ben Templesmith's Dracula (which is indeed a hardback). They had all kinds of vintage toys (Transformer Soundwave $150) for a little inflated prices, but where else could you find that collection?

Boston was just great and we wore ourselves out on the hills! After completing the Freedom Trail (we went from Boston Commons to Bunker Hill), we took a cab to Harvard Square where we found a small comic shop and walked around Harvard before catching the subway back to the Commons. It was needless to say, an extremely long day, especially since we had to drive an hour each way.

Here's the slideshow from our Boston/Salem trip:
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