Building Building Building

I've gotten about 10-12 sets completed out of the huge 40-set lot I bought off Craigslist. Some great sets here: the motorized AT-AT, 2x Sandcrawlers, the Republic Cruiser, etc. Gotta get as much done as I can by tomorrow afternoon so I can list for 5 days, ending auctions on Sunday evening, a proven high-bid day on eBay. We'll see how many more I can do...I've been at this since noon, after shipping previous auctions this morning. It's 9pm and I think I'm starting to go a little cross-eyed.

Jamming out to TV On The Radio's latest CD, Dear Science. Keeps me going.

Here's a great photo on the day we left Providence for NYC. Can you believe we almost forgot to run by TAPS one more time for a photo? That would've been disasterous:

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