Colorado Bill 09-170

Dear Senator Morse,

Might I inquire your reasons to support Bill 09-170? I am at the moment undecided on how I feel about this Bill's defeat. I strongly support the Dream Act, but how would this bill have been affected by it? On one hand, it seems paradoxical that a benefit of "in-state residency" could be granted to an individual who is residing in America illegally. An American citizen from Kansas has to pay out-of-state tuition; why not someone who shouldn't legally be in the state? On the other hand, the more college graduates our state can produce, the better. There are numerous socio-economic reasons to promote college graduation. What are the statistics of illegal immigrants who do not attend college for the monetary differences between in-state and out-of-state tuition rates?

I have read through a your voting record on and agree with most positions you took, though I would like to ask what legislation have you sponsored or co-sponsored that you feel has been important to your career and what should I, as a voting member of your district, view as important, especially as 2010 is an election year?


Jason Martin
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