5 Year Anniversary

Special thanks to all who made our 5 Year Anniversary such a special event!
Dad & Jenny got us a gift certificate to The Famous, a wonderful steakhouse downtown Colorado Springs. Gorgeous high backed booths, great service, and perfect steaks! We both opted for the smaller 10 oz filet (can you believe they have a 14 oz??) along with a side of asparagus. To help us celebrate, they brought out a nice little cake with our champagne. It was really a great dinner and evening.

Grandma & Grandpa Petty sent us flowers all the way from Oklahoma, where we were married:

And thanks to all our friends and neighbors who dropped by for our little Open House, not to mention the cards from Florida! Merrily baked a lemon cake, we had little smokies in Gates BBQ sauce, a veggie tray, cream cheese with jalapeno jelly, Columbia Sangria, and I made Dick & I my first Manhattan with the new Basil Hayden bourbon I got in Louisville. Teri and MaryElle who live behind us dropped in with a bottle of wine, and our 'boss' drove all the way from Denver to hang out with us! Recovering from his car wreck, Geoff and Lisa made it by too! And we couldn't forget Rick! I enjoyed showing off my Sony Soundbar, putting it through its paces with the foot chase at the beginning of Casino Royale and the lobby scene from The Matrix.

After cleaning house all day yesterday, a huge meal last night, and a big party today, we are wiped out and looking forward to chilling out tonight with Famous leftovers and the latest Get Smart movie.
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