Travel Woes

Would you believe that 1.5 hours out of Louisville, I blew a tire? One flat on the way out here in LA's car, and one on the way back. The spare is full-size, but a different size than the other 3 by like 1". Doesn't seem to make a difference. The current tires had a few miles on them when we got them a year ago, so its probably time to get a new set. Yay.

There is also the matter of a slight 'hitch' at about 55-60 mph. Really I think its tied to 2500 rpms. At low speeds, that's the shift limit, I can't notice it. And while in Park, I can hold it at 2500rpm and the engine runs fine, but at high speeds, something just seems to 'bump.' I'm hoping A) its not the transmission B) somehow the Memphis Honda warranty extends to Colorado. Otherwise, I think I'm just about done with the Honda, as sad as it is to say, and about to look into trading it in. I'm starting to rethink dropping a used engine into it, but buying a car cross-country (like we did last year) was a giant pain.


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