Finishing Louisville and Going on 5 Years

I get home and I just quit blogging, don't I?

Finally, after pacing ourselves so it wasn't a last minute rush, LA and I finished all our write-ups from the Louisville market, coming in around 65 surveys. The deadline is tomorrow, so we rushed when the winter's last blizzard let up to FedEx the box, but DIA is shut down completely, so who knows when those surveys will leave and arrive in Schaumburg. It is such a relief to have those surveys done! Now I can move on to more important matters, like figuring out all the IRS stuff for our S-Corp.

Wrapping up on Louisville, our last weekend in town, despite cold weather, was a good one. LA found a neat little area off Bardstown and we stumbled upon Lynn's Paradise Cafe, a wonderful little gem on a rainy Sunday afternoon with bright colors, fun wait-staff, a full bar, and the best breakfast since Memphis. Several of the menu items had been featured on a Food Network show, including LA's stuffed French Toast, topped with caramel custard and bourbon syrup. I stuck with traditional biscuits & gravy, eggs, and bacon, but there was plenty of sharing, and a generous take-home portion. Be sure to check out their recipe for Macaroni & Cheese as seen on Oprah.

We couldn't leave Louisville without one last stop at Ultra Pop to say goodbye and pick up a few more toys including the chase Extra Spicy Glow Captain Biceps from Tcho! and this guy from the BFF series:

Over the weekend, we travelled up to Broomfield to see Sarah, Tobi, and little Eowyn and from there we took a day trip up to Nederland, CO, a true little mountain town. Surprisingly, we found another designer vinyl/pop art shop, NOWhere Limited, which has a nice gallery space and big display case for a lot of rare and hard to find vinyl toys like the Kozik Ludwig Van busts, artist proof MAD*L figures, signed Mars-1 Observers, and lots of toys and prints by local Jermaine Rogers.

Coming soon: a slide show of baby Eowyn

Coming tomorrow (Friday): our 5 Year Anniversary! Yay!
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