Foo Fighters - Home

this song is really big right now for us....everything seems to be happening at once. after 2 funerals, once we got to cincy, maddie is the only one of us not to get sick. laura had the flu/throat infection then i got it. bunny had some stomach ailment, home treated with pepto bismol (sp?). and the boy, boots, is current at the vet, spending a 2nd night, after having a urinary blockage. if laura hadn't taken him in at 4am, he probably wouldnt have made it through the night.

he's got a catheter or 2, an IV, is on antibiotics for a fever, and has to wear a cone on his head. poor poor Snow Boots. we visited him tonight. the doctor called an hour ago, and said everything is looking fine now. they'll take the catheter out tomorrow and see how he does. hopefully he gets to come home tomorrow night! we really miss him around here. if we stay on schedule, we'll leave next wednesday and hopefully, if we really push it, be home thursday night. we'll need that month off...anyway, the lyrics:

Wish I were with you
I couldn't stay
Every directionLeads me away
Pray for tomorrow
But for today

All I want is to be home...

Echoes and silence
Patience and grace
All of these moments
I'll never replace
No fear of my heart
Absence of faith

All I want is to be home

All I want is to be home

People I've loved
I have no regrets
Some I remember
Some I forget
Some of them living
Some of them dead

All I want is to be home
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