yes, we did make it home. yes we pushed it and did St. Louis to Colorado Springs in one day, albeit a long day. but it was worth it to sleep in our own bed that night and awake in our own bed and have a fresh start on moving back in.

cracker barrel 'rents' books on CD, which helps a 14 hour drive go quick. i rented Steve Martin's "Born Standing Up," which i thoroughly enjoyed. it wasn't as funny as i thought it'd be (it was an autobiography afterall), but it had its humorous moments and gaining insight into his comedic style really made me appreciate his humor more. so much so, in fact, that i'm going to rent his "best of SNL" discs this month while home.

next best was Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover." i've listened to his talk show alot, so alot of the book was retread of what he says on air, but there were specifics that don't make it on the show. we are really fired up and ready to be out of debt!

the dud was "the boys of point-du-hoc." according to the cover, it was about a d-day invasion by the first army rangers, but after briefly addressing that, turned into a book about the writing of reagan's 40th anniversary speech. less than enthralling.

we've been quite busy while home, getting unpacked, painting the living room, hanging shelves, finding spaces for new acquisitions, paying bills, running errands....are there really enough hours in the day?

yeah, there are. tonight we sat outside in our courtyard and watched the sun go down after a delicious Papa Murphy take 'n bake pizza with our new favorite beer, Landshark Lager. its very similar to a corona, but i think it has more flavor. and it's brewed by island guy jimmy buffet, so it has to be good. unfortunately we're out of limes around here, but the beer is still good without.
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