Belated Anniversary

Since Laura was sick on the 27th, for like a week, we finally got to celebrate our anniversary this weekend! She got me a massage at a salon complete with a Steam Dream tent thing. I found out I have a few muscle and skin adhesions, but nothing some pressure and blue oil can't fix.

Later in the afternoon, we saw Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who, which we both enjoyed quite a bit. It was very faithful to the book, only fleshing out story points, and the animation was top notch, be it the 3-D main movie, Dr Seuss inspired cartoons, or the anime Horton fight scene. It was everything a Dr Seuss move should be....funny, colorful, imaginative, inspiring.
Yesterday we ventured all the way downtown to hit the Contemporary Arts Center and had such a great time! The Space Is The Place exhibit was very thought-inspiring, especially the juxtaposition of the space race and the civil rights movement in the late 60s. We both really enjoyed the Sol LeWitt, Master of Conceptualism, exhibition on the 2nd floor. He accomplished both geometric art works as well as abstract pieces. Be sure to check out some of his stuff, which is very accessible to any art audience. There was too much cool stuff in the gift shop to decide on anything, from Ugly Dolls, to Alessi household products, to Robot Keyrings.

Best of all though, was the UnMuseum on the 6th floor, which had a mini-art department stocked with paper, scissors, hole punches, paint, foil, crayons, colored pencils, nearly everything you'd need for your own creative work. Laura Anne and I had so much fun doing our projects:

Dinner afterwards was another work of art. We ate a huge, wonderful meal at Montgomery Inn at the Boathouse right on the water. Oh my goodness. It was divine. We started with their crabcakes which simply melted in your mouth, especially with their chile mayonnaise. LA had the special, a mushroom & sun dried tomato filet Mignon with Jim Beam butter cream sauce. Butterflied, she couldn't finish it, so I happily obliged. Their sides are good enough to eat on their own...the mac & cheese was so rich and creamy. The baked sweet potato was like hot ice cream after you put their signature cinnamon butter on it. When you're at the world's top seller of BBQ ribs, you have to order them. I was just sorry I had the "Order" and not the Slab, or stomach forbid, the King. We drank a heavenly 2006 Riesling, from Schloss Vollrads. Did you know some wine makers are opting for a glass 'cork' since cork is getting so expensive? Anyway, to finish the meal, we tried (and couldn't even finish, we were so full) the Profiteroles, a light pastry cut in half, with fresh handmade vanilla ice cream in the middle and topped with hot fudge. Um, wow.
We finished our evening with a walk through Bicentennial Park until the sun went down. We had a wonderful/afternoon/evening/night.
I suggest anyone visiting the Cincinnati area eat at the Montgomery Inn. I am so enamored with it, I want to go to their Montgomery location to eat the same ribs in a different place!
Everything was just so was a wonderful way to spend 4 wonderful, beautiful years with my best friend, the best lover, my sweetest girl, Laura Anne. Here's to 4 years!
A special thanks to Rick Albertson, for guiding us to the perfect restaurant!


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