AVOID Shades of the Bay Annapolis

Shades of the Bay
136 Main Street Annapolis, MD 21401

AVOID. Here's a free sales tip: don't insult your customers. Customer service = sales. My wife and I were shopping for a pair of polarized aviator-style sunglasses here today and had the most unfortunate service experience! The guy who helped us was SARCASTIC, RUDE, AND UNPROFESSIONAL. He even admitted he was being sarcastic! 

 He said Ray-Ban doesn't make Aviators (55mm) polarized because of viewing the airplane gauges. Well, I'm looking at a pair of RB3025 (55mm) polarized on sunglasshut.com (gunmetal/blue) 

 He called my wife "high maintenance" and told her not to take things so seriously. When you're in the market for $200+ sunglasses, I don't think being picky qualifies for "high maintenance" and "too serious". Even if they had the desired sunglasses in stock (and they were 15% off for Labor Day), I would not buy here. Sunglass Hut seems to have what we're looking for, and we've never been insulted there. I like supporting local business, but not when I'm treated poorly.


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